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Business and marketing for osteopaths by osteopaths.

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Osteopathy coaching

You wouldn’t treat a patient without assessing first, right? Put together a plan built from over 300 healthcare business owners who’ve walked your journey already. 

Osteopathy courses

Apply the knowledge we share based on successful osteopathic clinics and marketing experts. Learn anywhere how to conquer the biggest challenges of being an osteopath. 

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The Osteopathy Marketing University is where over 1400 osteopaths join together to learn and share what we know about business and marketing. Join now. It’s free forever!


Know what works for over 300 osteopaths

Business and marketing coaching for osteopaths

On his journey to being nominated for the Institute of Osteopathy’s Practice of the Year in 2019, Alan Zaia spoke to over 300 osteopaths to learn what business and marketing lessons worked for osteopaths. 

After applying what he learned to his clinic called Optimal Osteopathy, he took being nominated as an opportunity to help other osteopaths who wanted to learn how to grow their clinic from scratch too. 

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Plan your clinic

Establish your perfect clinic the right way with strong foundations. Get a custom plan to create an exceptional patient experience and learn the best ways to get new patients with ease. 

Build your patient list

Expand your patient list without needing to rely on word-of-mouth referrals. Discover the exact steps to take to build your reputation with proven marketing methods.  

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Grow your clinic

It’s time to level up and break through barriers with the help you deserve. Tell us what you’ve tried, your plan and goals to get a custom strategy that shows you how to move forward.

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100% AHPRA/ASA safe guaranteed

Osteohustle is based online, giving us the freedom to help osteopaths globally. Our team works from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We believe in your security. Everything we do here at Osteohustle is guaranteed to be AHPRA/ASA safe. In addition, we have worked with globally-renowned institutions, including Osteopathy Australia, Osteopaths New Zealand and the Institute of Osteopathy. So now you can learn with us in confidence.

Hi, I'm Alan Zaia M.Ost

Osteohustle is for osteopaths with big clinic dreams, just like me

When I graduated, I dreamt of endless possibilities for my perfect osteopathic clinic. However, I realised that I’d spent four years learning how to be an osteopath but had no idea how to run a business and get new patients through the door. I didn’t know where to start and felt scared to invest time and money into marketing methods without knowing if they’d work, taking risks and failing.

Clinic building knowledge and getting direction from someone who understood osteopathy was priority number one. So I spent two years speaking to over 300 clinic owners about their experience running a successful clinic. While working as an associate, I soon felt ready to control my career to become the local go-to osteopath without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Osteohustle exists to bring osteopaths together to share their knowledge so that every osteopath can confidently plan, build and grow their dream career.

If you’ve got big clinic dreams but don’t know where to turn to make them happen, Osteohustle is for you.

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