Bringing osteopaths together so you can plan, build and grow your dream career.

At Osteohustle, we're on a mission to transform your osteopathic career into a thriving, fulfilling and unstoppable force.

We're not just a place to find answers – together we're a movement, a community of innovators who dare to be different, to think outside the box and help each other to redefine what's possible.

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I've been where you are

Get the business skills you wish you got at university

I'm Alan Zaia M.Ost

If you’re anything like I was, you’re self-assured, confident but lacking direction and the know-how to turn your ambition into action. We’re here to fix that.

You need to pay your bills, train your staff and have systems in place so you can grow your clinic with the same confidence you have outside of work.

Osteohustle is about making better business decisions, building better systems and organising your finances and time. In essence, Osteohustle is about sharing all-things business for osteopaths.


Business coaching for osteopaths

Know what works for over 300 osteopaths

On my journey to being nominated for the Institute of Osteopathy’s Practice of the Year in 2019, I spoke to over 300 osteopaths to learn what business and marketing lessons worked for osteopaths. 

After applying what I learnt to my clinic called Optimal Osteopathy, I took being nominated as an opportunity to help other osteopaths who wanted to learn how to grow their clinic from scratch too. 

Osteohustle were nominated for the iO Innovation in Practice award as well as being awarded Highly Commended for the iO Collaboration in Practice award 2022.


"You guys are the people to go to, hands down."

Claire Wood 

How Osteohustle can help you today

Coaching, Creation and Community to build your dream career


You wouldn’t treat a patient without assessing first, right? Find your motivation and put together a plan built from over 300 healthcare business owners who’ve walked your journey. 


As fellow osteopaths, we speak your language. We understand what osteopaths need so they can stand out from the crowd with websites, logos and brands that attract new patients.


Osteohustle is all about bringing osteopaths together. We’ve collected literally decades of business and marketing experience and are now sharing it in our communities for free.

"It’s like having a coach. People to bounce ideas off, like having a team which is great when you’re like a one man operation."

Matt Corbin

Confidently learn osteopathy marketing

100% AHPRA/ASA safe guaranteed

Osteohustle is based online, giving us the freedom to help osteopaths globally. Our team works from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We believe in your security. Everything we do here at Osteohustle is guaranteed to be AHPRA/ASA safe. In addition, we have worked with globally-renowned institutions, including Osteopathy Australia, Osteopaths New Zealand and the Institute of Osteopathy. So now you can learn with us in confidence.


Confused by business for osteopaths?

Choose your scenario to get a clear plan

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Plan your clinic

Establish your perfect clinic the right way with strong foundations. Get a custom plan to create an exceptional patient experience and learn the best ways to get new patients with ease. 


Build your patient list

Expand your patient list without needing to rely on word-of-mouth referrals. Discover the exact steps to take to build your reputation with proven marketing methods.  

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Grow your clinic

It’s time to level up and break through barriers with the help you deserve. Tell us what you’ve tried, your plan and goals to get a custom strategy that shows you how to move forward.

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Grow your clinic, grow the Earth

We plant one tree for every person we work with

Osteohustle helps osteopaths with:

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