Leave your competition
wondering how you do it.

Branding makes you stand-out amongst
your competition while attracting
the patients you love to treat.

Create a break-through brand
that easily drives new patients

who you love to treat in 45-days or less.

Branding = successful marketing

Let me tell you why.

All Osteopathy clinics

are all the same

Imagine you’re a person with back pain.
You type into Google ‘Osteopath near me’
where 5 local Osteopaths pop-up.

Everyone has the same qualification.
They all claim to treat the same thing. 
No Osteopath stands out.

  • Who’s the closest? 
  • Who’s the cheapest? 
  • Who’s the most experienced? 

Don’t lower your prices. Make people want to travel to you. Eliminate the most experienced problem. 

3 influencing factors

people care about

Why branding cures theses issues...

Branding makes you

stand out tall over
your competition

Branding makes it clear and obvious that you are the go-to local Osteopath. How? Because as they browse on other websites, they have your brand stuck in their head. The choice couldn’t be easier.

Stop wasting time, money and energy trying to figure out what marketing methods work.

Develop a brand strategy that will highlight the best marketing methods to use to target patients local to you.

Taking control of your marketing by starting with your brand – even if you have no idea how or where to start.

Branding gives you a

clear Osteopathy marketing strategy

Osteohustle helped Osteopaths
build these career-changing brands

The most explosive

brand in Osteopathy

Mariana Bakewell practises out of a room in a CrossFit gym. Needing to connect with the CrossFit community, we created a CrossFit brand with an Osteopathic twist.

With messages like Extinguish Your Limits and Your Injuries = Up In Flames, it creatively explains how Osteopathy can help using easy to understand language.

Explain your philosophy

throughout your brand

Dom Alcock is one of the most laid-back Osteopaths I know. Move Easy was an obvious way to combine his easy-going nature with his approach to practising Osteopathy. 

Dom and Move Easy Osteopathy are the perfect example about how you can make the brand about you without calling it [Your Name] Osteopathy. 

48 pages of actionable steps

to craft your perfect brand

Building a phenomenal Osteopathy brand that stands out from your competition requires structure. The Osteopathy Brand Camp™ workbook is tailored to take all you want your brand to be and make it a reality.

Discover why branding is the
missing link in Osteopathy and
all other healthcare professions

so you can become the obvious
go-to local Osteopath now!

Alan's 'bursting with pride'

personal guarantee

I personally guarantee to you that if in 45 days you don’t have a
brand that makes you burst with pride, I will worth
with you one-to-one until you do. 


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