5 Truth Bombs All Osteopaths Need to Know

Whether you're an associate or clinic owner, get marketing tips for osteopaths with these 5 truth bombs all osteopaths need to know.

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Hold on tight, these marketing tips for osteopaths may cause critical thinking

Osteopaths need some good old fashioned mic drops. These are 5 truth bombs I’ve come across that I think all osteopaths need to know and their solutions so you can think differently. Marketing is not rocket science. It only becomes difficult when you find too much on your plate, not knowing where to start. Before you know it, you end up doing nothing. Change your focus today.

I’m an osteopath, so I think I can drop these truth bombs. Get your seatbelt on because this may sting a little.

Many problems exist within the osteopathic profession. Although some issues are well known and are being dealt with, a few are hidden away.

I’m here to go through 5 common problems that are present amongst osteopaths that are considered taboo, and their solutions.

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1 – As an osteopath, you should work together to market and promote each other

Rising seas lifts all ships. If you can work with any osteopath who shares similar visions and needs, then why wouldn’t it make sense to work together? The more people who know about osteopathy, the better for everyone.

This works particularly well if you can team up with osteopaths who you’d also consider to be friends. By doing this, it allows you to be open and honest with each other about your weaknesses. In addition, stay organised by setting up a group chat using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

2 – Osteopaths need to learn that social media is a marathon, not a sprint

No matter your opinion about social media, it remains a powerful tool for any business that wants to have a decent online presence. Did you know that being active on social media also boosts your website search ranking (search engine optimisation – SEO)?

In my opinion, that alone makes being on social media well worth it, especially if you’re using Google Ads.

I understand that posting on social media is a huge time consumer. That’s why I’ve put together the Social Media For Osteopaths. It covers all your needs as an Osteopath, including social media and Google Ads.

3 – Osteopaths should not depend on word-of-mouth referrals

You’re right in thinking that the majority of referrals come from existing patients building the awareness about you to their friends and family. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t depend on them.


Think about where your new patients would come from without referrals.

I imagine it’s not great to think about it. That’s what makes other marketing methods like posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and having effective Google Ads running absolutely critical.

4 – Osteopaths should spend money on time-saving services

Understanding how to scale your osteopathic clinic/reputation as an osteopath as you grow is an essential skill to know. An important part of this is understanding how valuable your time is. Therefore, you should be asking yourself this question regularly: “does the cost of this service outweigh the cost of my time doing it myself.”

Time is money. As a result, please don’t waste it. You can always add it to your tax expenditure.

Here is a list of amazing services:

5 – Osteopaths shouldn’t be concerned about other osteopaths

More times than not, osteopaths judge other osteopaths because they are not achieving anything themselves. It’s a harsh thing to say but jealously does exist when achievement is present.

Learn to develop a thick skin by reassuring yourself that you’re running ethical and effective marketing campaigns for your business. As a result, you’re building your reputation and credibility for yourself, and that’s something to be proud of, not suppressed. 

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