8 Reasons Why an Osteopathy Business Coach Will Turn Your Career Around Forever

Osteopathy business coach to help osteopaths skip steep learning curves, prevent burnout and transition your hobby into a successful business.
8 reasons why an osteopathy business coach will turn your career around forever

Why you need an osteopathy business coach

Knows osteopathy and business; get the best of both worlds

Many osteopaths work on their own. They think about how to overcome their problems alone. And unfortunately, many often tell us that they get caught up in the daily business of being an osteopath. So, let’s cover 8 reasons why an osteopathy business coach will turn your career around forever.

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Set goals that really matter

Can you relate to this? Every time a new year rolls around, many osteopaths tell us what they want to achieve by this time next year but lack direction in attaining it. Of course, you’ve heard of goal-setting, but the chances are that you’re not utilising its potential.

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. Having a long-term vision helps you create a bigger purpose to strive towards. Meanwhile, short-term motivation is key if you’re going to deal with the ebbs and flows of being a business owner. But to achieve your vision, you must reverse engineer it into steps so you can make those steps into actionable goals.

A skilled osteopathy business coach can help you establish your vision, reverse engineer it and create clear, actionable goals.

Skip expensive learning curves

When I reached out to over 300 clinic owners to ask them what pearls of wisdom they could teach me about growing a successful osteopathic clinic, I did so to skip expensive learning curves.

As someone who had little money to fund my clinic, I needed to ensure that every penny worked hard to turn into pushing my business forwards. I couldn’t afford any mistakes.

Of course, it’s impossible not to make any mistakes in business. That’s how we learn. But an osteopathy business coach will simply tell you what’s worked for many others in a similar situation so you can still learn without the scraped knees and black eyes of learning the hard way.

Prevent burnout

When running a business, it’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos, unable to see beyond what’s happening in front of you. As a result, osteopaths experience incredibly high stress levels leading to burnout. Stress, by and large, involves too much: too many pressures that demand too much of you physically and mentally. However, burnt out osteopaths can still imagine that they’ll feel better if they can just get everything under control.

Having a business coach will help you focus on the big picture of how you and your business operates. Looking at the big picture helps you make better decisions for your health, patients and business. And sometimes, you need a second pair of eyes to point out the spanner in the works so you can repair it and move forward.

Our coaching clients often say how much easier it is to have someone who understands the world of osteopathy and business, saving hours of explaining what an osteopath is and what we do. We often see this when we can relieve the pressure of establishing a new clinic (or new systems in an existing clinic).

An experienced coach can put the pieces together for you to get started on the right track. However, having a business coach who understands osteopathy can put the pieces together and show you details you may be missing.

Our knowledge becomes your knowledge

You’ve probably heard the phrase: you don’t know what you don’t know. Building knowledge often comes through our experiences, and learning from others tell us they’ve experienced on their journey. You can’t even predict what an issue will look like or address it if you don’t know it exists.

As osteopathy business coaches, we encourage our clients to paint us a picture of their current situation, obstacles and struggles so that we get to know their business as intrinsically as they do. Understanding your situation is pivotal because your barriers are equipped with unique variables, making templated solutions useless. Now we can provide unique solutions.

However, simply telling you how to solve a problem is like papering over the cracks. A good business coach tells you how to overcome current barriers. While a great business coach will teach you how to look at future problems in numerous ways, ask intelligent questions and develop foresight to predict and dodge upcoming issues—a valuable life-long skill.

Save dozens of wasted days

Time is your most precious resource because you can’t make more of it, and you can’t replace what you’ve spent. However, you can make better decisions about spending what you have left.

We often find that osteopaths waste lots of time on small-impact tasks while spending little to no time on what really makes or breaks a business. So one of the first tasks we go through with every new coaching client is to figure out how they’re allocating their time. After, we can decide what has too much attention and needs far more consideration.

We’ll help you save dozens of wasted days and feel like there are more hours in the day. How? By not only telling you what to do but by helping you develop your priorities and stick with them. We act as a sounding board, giving you feedback on your ideas and the benefit of our experiences, so you don’t lose valuable time on false starts and rabbit holes.

Osteopathy business coaching will help improve your success by identifying the steps and strategies that have worked for other osteopaths and sharing them with you. As a result, you can make more money faster without experimenting with your clinic or being scared of new things failing.

Stay accountable

Having an osteopathy business coach keeping you accountable means avoiding procrastination and spending more time doing what you love.

A business coach, like ours at Osteohustle, provides ongoing accountability. Weekly coaching sessions establish focus, direction, and motivation. Accountability also ensures you know what to do each day, eliminating procrastination and overwhelm.

We keep osteopaths on track with what we call ‘friendly accountability’. Friendly accountability means:

  • Laying out clear, prioritised to-do lists.
  • Explaining what you can expect from us and what we expect of you in a specific time frame.
  • Keeping open, clear lines of communication to touch base every step of the way.
  • Continually reassessing so we’re prepared for unforeseen problems arising.

Transition from hobby to business

Many osteopaths tell us that “something has to change. I’ve been treating osteopathy as a hobby, now I need it to be a business”. It makes total sense when you think about it. Often osteopaths don’t learn about how to run a business. They just kind of run it as they believe it should be.

The first challenge we find when an osteopath is trying to redirect their business is the work-life balance challenge. An osteopathy business coach can help you make the right business decisions, leading to significant improvements in your clinic and work-life balance. In addition, a coach can teach you how to manage expectations for yourself, your team and your clinic, minimising the frequency and impact of challenges.

Build incredible momentum

Business coaching services are an investment in yourself, your future. Working with a business coach is a strong step on your road to success, helping you to make the best use of your time and focus on building momentum for the long term. Osteopathy business coaching will save you money, but not just money. Your whole life will be more enjoyable, better balanced, prosperous, and successful with a good coach.

Written by Alan Zaia M.Ost

Founder & CEO of Osteohustle. You’ll find Alan coaching osteopaths, travelling in a van or writing our weekly newsletter, The Hustle.

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