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The 4 Osteohustle principles

These principles drive everything we do

Grassroots growth of osteopathy

Osteopathy deserves higher worldwide public recognition. Osteopaths can be the biggest advocates for building osteopathy’s reputation. We believe that equipping osteopaths with business and marketing knowledge is the key to achieving higher status, acceptance and awareness of our profession. 

Only for osteopaths

In every facet of the Osteohustle makeup, we ask ourselves: is this first and foremost in the interests of osteopaths? Our success is totally determined by the success of the osteopaths who use our take our courses and work with us to turn their clinic around. Your needs are priority number one, always.

Ethics above all

Regardless of who you are, your age, race, gender, where you call home, if you’re an osteopath, we’re doing this for you. We don’t care how you practise osteopathy or which school you graduated from; we treat everyone with total respect and offer our undivided attention. The same goes for our business and marketing courses – 100% ethical, ASA and AHPRA safe.

Always be building dreams

Your dream clinic choices are limitless. We’ve helped osteopaths build multidisciplinary clinics and practices with a yoga pilates studio, personal training gym and even a wedding venue! No matter how you envision your dream clinic, we’re here to make it a reality.

Meet the faces behind Osteohustle

A team of M.Ost's and one MOst awesome

When I graduated, I dreamt of endless possibilities for my perfect osteopathic clinic. However, I realised that I’d spent 4 years learning how to be an osteopath but had no idea how to run a business and get new patients through the door. I didn’t know where to start and felt scared to invest time and money into marketing methods without knowing if they’d work, taking risks and failing.

Clinic building knowledge and getting direction from someone who understood osteopathy was priority number one. While working as an associate, I felt ready to control my career to become the local go-to osteopath without stepping on anyone’s toes.

If you’ve got big clinic dreams but don’t know where to turn to make them happen, Osteohustle is for you.

– Alan Zaia


Alan Zaia M.Ost

Founder and CEO

Alan has always loved business. But it was highlighted while in his second year at Swansea University while attending an Osteopathy business lecture. Reading as much of the module’s reading list as possible. While researching for his business essay, Alan searched for some marketing resources that catered specifically for Osteopaths, but failed to find anything that resonated with him. After graduating from Swansea University in 2017, he tried again and found the same result – not much. 

After continuing to talk to hundreds of Osteopaths all over the world and the nomination for the iO Practice of the Year 2019, Alan created Osteohustle. 

Now an international speaker to Osteopathic institutions and Universities, Alan is determined to bring the profession closer together to get Osteopathy on the map in the public eye, exactly where it deserves to be. 

Emma-Zaia-osteohustle coach-and-co-founder

Emma Zaia

Co-Founder and COO

Emma has been a carer in the disability sector for almost 10 years. 

She has worked in 3 different countries across mental health, intellectual and physical disability care. In 2017, Emma was a Senior carer in Sydney, running a program with 16 full-time staff on her team.

Her vast extent of care experience has allowed her to grow a deep understanding of both the practical side and business side of healthcare.

Emma is the only non-osteopath on the Osteohustle team. As Alan’s partner, she has been a critical player in the creation, execution and direction of Osteohustle since day 1. She is the organiser behind the scenes of Osteohustle HQ. 

In her spare time, Emma enjoys travelling, sudokus and dancing.

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Andrew Terry M.Ost

Senior Coach

Andrew’s involvement in healthcare began back in 2008 when he trained as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist, and rehab coach. Whilst he appreciated helping keep his clients fit and healthy, he found he had a specific interest in helping those recovering from injury and providing support. Deciding to further his knowledge in this field, he decided to become an osteopath due to the professions all-encompassing approach to health.

Andrew and At Health

In 2016, Andrew qualified from the British School of Osteopathy. He created his own clinic At Health and worked as head osteopath at Bodylogics, where his role was to help mentor and build the list of the other osteopaths on board at the clinic. Whilst both clinics were based in London, At Health in central London and Bodylogics in the suburbs, he was surprised at how different the marketing strategies needed to be, purely because of their location. Not afraid to put in the graft, Andrew did everything from Groupon to speaking with other osteopaths and colleagues to work out the fastest ways to grow his patient list. Through this, Andrew managed to treat over 1000 patients in his opening year of At Health and increase the osteopathic patient list at Bodylogics.

In 2019, running his own business, deal with an Ankylosing Spondylitis diagnosis, having to move home and dealing with the death of his mother meant that Andrew eventually suffered from burnout. He had the drive to work and implement lots of ideas but lacked the energy to do it all. He joined up with Alan to work out where best he needed to focus his energy so that it was spent in the most efficient way possible.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrew was keen to make sure other osteopaths did not experience the same burnout that he faced. Part of this involved being part of David Cohenschurz-Schmidt’s team, who won the Institute of Osteopathy’s Community of Practice award in 2020. The award was for helping musculoskeletal professionals deliver high-quality virtual consultations for their patients. This meant that even whilst osteopaths closed their practices during the pandemic, they could continue working and provide support for their patients during an unprecedented time.


Angus Gould M.Ost

Website Designer

Angus started his career in health and well-being in 2013 when he became a fitness instructor. Following this, Angus went to complete his Master’s Degree in osteopathy at Swansea University alongside Alan. Since graduating, Angus has experienced the highs and lows that most healthcare business owners experience, from helping patients in chronic pain to struggling to generate new business.

Since 2018 Angus has grown his practice based in Tunbridge Wells, UK, from the ground up and working in a busy London practice in Brixton. At both his own and London practice, Angus has designed both websites and truly believes that an excellent online presence is the key to business exposure and success.

Angus has been working alongside Alan and Emma to develop new ideas on how to support the osteopathic community with their online performance.


Jen Nash M.Ost

Logo and Graphic Designer

In her early teens, Jen was introduced to osteopathy after getting a knee injury while training every day as a competitive swimmer. Her osteopath became her mentor. So much so that she eventually hung up her swim goggles to pursue a career in osteopathy. She graduated with distinction from the University College of Osteopathy, London (UCO) in 2020.

Though Jen knew from an early age that osteopathy was her career, she never let go of her love for art & design. Before beginning her masters at the UCO, Jen completed a foundation diploma in Fine Art at Brighton MET, frequently drawing inspiration from the human form. Then, during anatomy studies for her degree course, she found that the best (and most fun) way to learn was to draw it out repeatedly and annotate it – learning visually. So, after graduating, she thought she’d share some of her annotated drawings with other students, beginning Figure Out Creative.

Since then, Jen has translated her design skills into a variety of digital formats. She now works as a graphic designer and illustrator alongside practising osteopathy in two multidisciplinary clinics in London.

Jen believes that a strong brand identity is a vital ingredient for a clinic’s marketing success. By encouraging self-expression within the design process, you can create an authentic and unique brand that reflects how you practice while standing out from the crowd. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to be an osteopath and their way of practising. We want to know yours!

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