About Osteohustle: Our Story

Alan and Emma Are All About Provding easy, ethical and effective marketing to all Osteopaths.

Our Why

Since qualifying as an Osteopath, I struggled to find affordable and up-to-date marketing help for Osteopaths. So, I went out contacting anyone who would let me learn from their experiences. Now, I’m out coaching Osteopathy clinic marketing with a mission to provide affordable, ethical, and powerful marketing methods to all Osteopaths. 

about Alan and Emma

I Know You Can Do It Because I Did

When I started out, I had barely any budget, knowledge or experience.

Now, I’m teaching hundreds of Osteopaths all over the world how easy it is to spread the word about themselves and the clinic they work in.

You can learn how simple the process is too. 

Experience Shortcuts

I’ve now interviewed 400+ Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and other manual therapists about their successful and not-so-successful marketing strategies. 

Testing Methods

I researched traditional and modern tried-and-tested marketing methods to understand what can be applied to an Osteopathic setting. Then tested them using my own clinic.

Online Representation

I learnt how to use graphic design and video editing software to provide Osteopaths with unique and visually outstanding resources. 

Quick Recognition

Two years into the creation of my clinic, Optimal Osteopathy, was nominated in the Final 5 Institute of Osteopathy Practice Of The Year 2019

Understand What We're About

Trust in me & 400 other experts.

Osteohustle began shortly after being nominated for Practice Of The Year. My wonderful partner, Emma and a group of other Osteopaths said how I should be sharing what I’d learned to those who are struggling with Osteopathy marketing. 

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