Osteopathy Hashtags: What Are The Best Facebook and Instagram Hashtags For Osteopaths

If you want to grow on social media, hashtags will play an important part in your strategy. Hashtags are key for Osteopaths, but knowing the most popular hashtags is even more essential. Find out the best hashtags for Osteopaths. 

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blog > the most popular facebook and instagram hashtags for osteopaths 

Understanding Facebook and instagram Hashtags for osteopaths

Welcome to this hashtag masterclass for Osteopaths! Firstly, if you want to get even more knowledge about hashtags, you need to join the Osteohustle Marketing University! There you can watch an exclusive video that tells you exactly what you need to do with hashtags to thrive on social media.

This guide to hashtags for Osteopaths will help you understand hashtags and how to get more followers, improve your social media reach and engagement to build a better platform for your patients. 

As always, if you’re seeking any help or further free resources, please feel free to contact us – [email protected]

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How to get over 1000 Instagram followers.

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Introduction to hashtags for osteopaths

Using hashtags for optimal performance

Using hashtag sets and buckets

Where Osteopaths can find the best hashtags

The best hashtags for osteopaths to reach the most people

Hashtags for osteopaths: The basics.

A hashtag is a keyword that has the # symbol attached before it – #osteopath. Hashtags are used to group conversations on social media. This helps organise common interests and topics into an easy to find location. 

Making their debut on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followed suit shortly after. 

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Osteopaths can search hashtags on Facebook and Instagram to find new hashtags

Use hashtags to spread your Osteopathy message beyond your existing followers.

Hashtags will help you grow on Instagram and Facebook. Even though there is a lot out there about using the right hashtag strategy, I don’t want you to get extremely stressed about it and spend loads of time picking ‘perfect’ hashtags.

Think of hashtags like a cake topping: it just finishes off the post nicely. However, please do use hashtags on all your posts and stories as they will make them perform better through reach and engagement. 

People can also choose to follow hashtags [hootsuite]. Meaning that if you have a brand hashtag [#osteohustle], they could see your post in their newsfeed even if they don’t follow you!

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Hashtags used on posts are 12.6% more interactive than posts without hashtags

This is an essential fact because the more interaction through Likes, Comments and Shares you get, the better your post will be to the Facebook and Instagram algorithm. Despite the fact that the Facebook guide to hashtags hasn’t been updated since 2016. 

How many hashtags should osteopaths use for instagram?

Instagram – 11+ 

You can use up to 30 hashtags on your Instagram post. While Instagram Stories allow for a maximum of 10. Don’t try to include more, as Instagram will not publish your post.  

However, Instagram reach, engagement or performance won’t necessarily be better if you use all available 30 hashtags. Everyone will have different results, but for the meantime, the standard consensus is to use 11 or more hashtags for your Instagram posts.

As for using hashtags to grow through Instagram stories, the agreed number for now is 3. 

How to hide instagram hashtags in a comment

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Credit: Hootsuite.com

How many hashtags should osteopaths use for Facebook?

Facebook – 3 maximum 

Facebook doesn’t value hashtags as much as Instagram. However, that shouldn’t stop you from using them. 3 seems to be the best in terms of getting the most engagement. 

When I use hashtags on Facebook, I choose a relevant topic hashtag, a brand hashtag and a location hashtag. Eg: #LowBackPain #LondonOsteopaths #CamdenMarket – presuming I’m an Osteopath in Camden, London! 

Using Hashtag Buckets and sets for instagram

Essentially, hashtag buckets is an Instagram-only tool used to categorise sizes of hashtags, ranked on how often they’re used. Some hashtags are more popular than others. For example: #Osteopathy is more popular than #Osteopathic. 

Hashtags are put into 3 buckets, small, medium and large. Depending on the number of followers you have (on Instagram) will determine how many hashtags per bucket you should be using. 

Most Osteopaths on Instagram will have under 1000 followers. You must avoid any large hashtags otherwise your post will get lost in a very popular conversation. Ask smaller so you can get involved in better niches. 

If you want to know how to know the size of each hashtag? Go watch the video in the Facebook group: Osteohustle Marketing University

Join the Osteohustle Marketing University to learn more in detail about hashtag strategy.

Use the notes app on your phone to categorise hashtags

Instagram will not favour you too much if you use the same hashtags over and over again. So, to stop you from picking and choosing which hashtags to use, have a set of hashtags on your notes app. 

By having around 5 hashtags per set, you can add them into your Osteopathy Instagram post with ease! 

For example:
Set name = Low back pain. 

But it’s important to keep in mind your hashtag buckets so you don’t choose ones that are too big or too small! 

The most popular osteopathy hashtags to help grow your social media

Go watch the Osteopathy Mind Hive exclusive video to find out all the best hashtags!


Knowing exactly which hashtags Osteopaths should use to grow their social media is never going to happen. There is no magic list. 

However, knowing these strategies will help you to understand what YOUR magic list is for each Facebook or Instagram post. Watch the Osteohustle Marketing University exclusive video to find out even more about the best hashtags for Osteopaths. 

If you need help growing your Osteopathy social media and you need everything in one place, check out the Social Media For Osteopaths Mind Hive.

Osteohustle was created to provide Osteopaths the tools they need to learn how to be great marketers. We want to show the Osteopathic community that marketing can be easy, ethical, and effective.

Osteopathy is in desperate need of a shakeup, and that starts with you. I’m here to empower you to take control of your brand, clinic, and marketing. We need to come together as Osteopaths and communicate how incredible Osteopathy can be.

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