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Get all the benefits of blogging without wasting time

If you’re looking for fill-in-the-blanks blog kits written by osteopaths who understand both osteopathy and blogging, look no further. Our osteopathy blog kits come with everything you’ll need to take the extensive hours out of blogging. That’s what we specialise in. We’ve put together a network of osteopaths who write blogs for osteopaths – what’s better than that? 

Blogs for osteopaths, why choose us?

#1 Get patients with blogs

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your website organically. Turn readers into patients with our fill-in-the-blank blog kits. Our osteopathy blogs are easy to complete and help you create amazing osteopathy blogs that speak to patients and stay with ASA/AHPRA guidelines. Creating blogs can seem like an endless task, but now it’s easier than ever with our osteopathy blog kits. 

#2 SEO strong headlines

Your blog’s headline will heavily determine your blog’s success. A blog headline must be SEO-friendly, eye-catching, and clear about what the reader would discover if they click on it. Ticking all these boxes can be tricky, but our blog kits make it easy with suggested headings, tips and tricks.

#3 Turn blogs into social media

Spending time on creating your blog can seem like you’re only making one thing. Well, now you can discover the multiple ways you can reuse your blog, in this case – social media and Google My Business posts. Find out how you can break down your blog into posts for Facebook, Instagram and GMB in under 3 minutes.

#4 No contracts or commitments

Avoid getting locked into a month-on-month contract and only pay for the blogs you actually use. Instead, we’ve packaged our blogs so you can get them individually or buy a few at a time. That way, you buy the blogs you need without worrying about wasting money on blogs you don’t use.


Blogs that are ASA & AHPRA-safe

Stand out while staying in line

As a team of international osteopaths, we understand the importance of staying within your country’s national marketing guidelines. Our blogs for osteopaths network follow all the rules and regulations of ASA, AHPRA and GDPR so that you can rest easy.

We consider all guidelines while still ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Our blogs show potential patients why you’re different while staying within national marketing and advertising guidelines by injecting your personality, values, and brand into your written articles.

Osteohustle's trusted blog creator

Meet our writer, Freya Gilmore M.Ost

A blog writer, illustrator and osteopath!

Freya graduated from BSO in 2016. Since her final year, she has been writing and illustrating her own osteopathic blog posts.

During an extended maternity leave in 2020, she began writing blog posts for other osteopaths and has since written over 300.

Her kits include her own original illustrations as well. Freya is passionate about using her artistic talents to educate more people about their bodies and pain.


Our Blog Kits are for osteopaths who

Get Google patients

Google is your best online marketing friend because it grows your website for you in the background. Hit publish, and Google will bring in a stream of new patients without you doing a thing.

Don't want to explain

We’re osteopaths just like you, so we speak your language. We know the world of osteopathy and blogging, so we have created blog kits that guide you through how to walk the line perfectly.

Want high-quality

You’ll find helpful references to work into your writing within your blog kit, linked and summarised to save you time. These hand-picked references allow you to produce a high-quality blog.

Our Blog Kits aren't for those who

Need patients fast

Writing highly-ranking blogs means playing the long game. Blogs will get you patients, but it’s a slow burner. If you need patients faster, get a decent website and then invest in Google Ads.

Want copy/paste

There’s no point in having the same blog as someone else. So, our blogs kits act as a framework for you to edit and make your own. You will be able to write and post a unique blog in under 30-minutes.

Need tech support

If you’re not great with computers, of course, we will help you get started and answer any questions you have. However, we can’t log in to your website and import your blog for you.

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Blogs for osteopaths

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Single blog kit

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Minor Sports Injuries

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