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Build your osteopathy brand with the Osteohustle team. Our branding experts can help you build one of the most important parts of owning an osteopathy business. Whether you’re planning to open your clinic or you’re looking to evolve your image, our osteopathy branding service can help you every step of the way.

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We’ve been working with osteopaths to help them build their dream osteopathy brand for years. So take a moment to browse some of our latest work.

Branding for osteopaths, why choose Osteohustle?

#1 Standout from your competition

Imagine you’re a person looking for an osteopath. Many osteopaths look the same. Most people decide who to book in with based on who’s the cheapest, closest or most experienced. Carve your own space in your community so you can charge what you’re worth, make people want to travel to you and remove the influence of experience.

#2 Get a clear marketing strategy

We will walk you through everything step-by-step, so you don’t feel confused or overwhelmed by marketing. Our Branding For Osteopaths service will give you a clear and ethical marketing strategy. Help more people with a marketing plan that tells you what to say, who to speak to and where to say it, all designed alongside the Osteohustle team.

#3 Branding is more than a logo

Unlock the bigger picture of what it means for people to visit you. Work with us to uncover the visual aspects of your brand, like your logo, colours, name and font, so everything intertwines with the meaning behind your brand. We will connect all your brand elements with how your patients think and feel about you. It is how they experience going to see “my osteopath”.

#4 Branding establishes purpose

Strong osteopathic brands never lose sight of achieving their version of success. Together, we’ll build the foundations of your brand by defining why you’re different from others, who you love to treat and how to bring them into your circles. Highlight your strengths, goals and values to establish a career-long purpose.

#5 Get patients without selling

Osteohustle’s ethics-first approach means you can attract patients using your brand and marketing strategy we’ll create together. Potential patients won’t book in if they don’t trust you and don’t understand how osteopathy can help them. So build your authentic brand with our team, designed for people to trust you as it connects with them on an emotional level.

#6 Get patients you love treating

Marketing becomes overcomplicated and ineffective if you try to attract everyone. By focusing on attracting who you love to treat, you’ll build your patient list fast. Branding For Osteopaths allows you to identify who you love to treat, how to connect with them on an emotional level and use our ‘Ripple Effect’ to add diversity to your patient list.

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Branding with Osteohustle: the process

  1. Our 2-hour video calls spread throughout the 8 weeks will help us understand everything you envision while we make it a reality. 
  2. Easy journey. Every week has a different theme. We’ll gain all the info we need on the call to help us build your brand between sessions.  
  3. Keep total control. We’ll send you several variations of our work so you can stay in control by picking which path we head down.
  4. Truly unique. Everything we create has our unique-as-your-fingerprint guarantee, so you know you’re getting a tailored brand for you to keep forever.

Our branding service is a 8-week programme so that you can get everything in place quickly.

Branding with us is for osteopaths who are

New graduates

Branding puts you in a prime position to start your career. Whether you’re planning on opening a clinic or becoming an associate, branding is the best first step you can take as a new graduate.

All clinic owners

Set yourself on a clear path with direction, purpose and confidence. Whether you’ve just opened or are well established, branding is the perfect way to look at your business in a new light.


Carry your reputation wherever you go, and never feel like you’re starting from scratch. Build a strong personal brand as an associate so you can grow your patient list under someone else’s roof.

Branding with us isn't for those who are

Pro branding agency

If you’ve worked with a professional branding agency before, we’re more than happy to take what they’ve built with you and use it to work on building the next step of your dream career. 

Resolute perfectionists

With complete respect and transparency, we guarantee you’ll love your brand, but we can’t get lost in fine details during the process. Let’s build everything, then iron out the creases together.

Retiring soon

If you’re looking to wind down in the next 5 years, we’d suggest investing in our coaching, upgrading your website and setting up Google Ads to help even more people before selling your practice.

Branding for osteopaths

Branding is the face and heart of your business; make it count

What you'll receive:

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