What you'll learn inside the Canva course

Using Canva templates with an osteopathic twist!

This rule is key as Canva’s templates are made by professionals! You don’t need to re-invent the wheel here.
Check out how you can take a non-Osteopathy template into an Osteo-relatable one!

Make text POP!

An essential skill to learn. If you can master the aspect of sizing, choosing the right font and where it should be placed on the picture, your designs will really pop!

Learn how to change fonts, discover new ones, replace the colour and even text effects!

Make your posts stand out from the digital crowd!

This is where Canva really excels and your designs too! Watch as we explore all the different types of Elements in Canva, how to use them, where to find them and more!

Create eye-catching videos too!

Having the ability to create your own videos in Canva is super simple and looks crazy slick!
Knowing the different ways to export your designs will help you have a variety of options to choose from to match your creative flair.

7 videos of Canva brilliance for osteopaths

Canva basics

Cover all the basics and more. Master fundamental tips that allow you to skip time-consuming lessons.

Design like a pro

Understand design must-knows and how to easily apply them in Canva.

Feel confident

Tackle any designs with ease, from social media posts and ebooks to stunning clinic resources.

Stand out tall

Use special effects with Canva elements so you can stop people from scrolling on their phone.

Wow your patients

Create professional designs that impress your patients as if you paid a designer to do them for you!

Teach your team

Give this resource to your associates so you can grow your Osteopathy clinic as a team

Start your Canva journey for just $60AUD

What you’re getting:

Get more patients - this course pays for itself

Grow your digital marketing so your social media, website and printed media can create more new patients!

Improve your clinic skillset

Just 1 patient pays for this course. Use it yourself, give it to your associates - either way, you'll be bringing in new patients every month!

Lifetime access

Go through and return to the course at your own pace, anytime.

Don't love it? Get your money back!

We know you're going to love this course. If you don't we'll give you the money back and you keep the course!