Compare Practice Management Software for Osteopathic Clinics

Compare practice management software for osteopaths. Compare Cliniko, coreplus, Jane, MyOsteopathy, Nookal, Power Diary, PracSuite, SIF Health, TM3 and WriteUpp.

Discover the best practice management software for osteopaths

Are you an osteopath looking to compare practice management software for your osteopathic clinic? Great! Then you’re in the right place. Here at Osteohustle HQ, we noticed that the osteopathic community often asks questions about the best practice management software for osteopaths. Especially inside our free marketing help group, The Osteohustle Marketing University (OMU).

We believe it’s important to get recommendations from other osteopaths about which practice management software to choose. However, we believe it’s equally important to level the playing field and offer a non-bias comparison.

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Practice management software comparison tables

Here you’ll find six interactive tables that compare practice management software. We’ve taken all of the major features and broken them down into categories so you can easily find what matters to you and your osteopathy clinic. 

Pricing and basics

Appointments and scheduling

Clinical treatment notes


Reporting and tracking

Business management

The 14 questions osteopaths wanted answering

At Osteohustle, we know how critical it is to compare practice management software before you buy. So, we polled our OMU community, asking them which practice management system they use. Then, after the results were in, we contacted 11 practice management software companies, requesting them to come together to produce this comparison.
Based on our poll, we created a list of questions we believe osteopaths would want to know before buying any practice management software. Now you can hear from the companies themselves. Then, compare practice management software features of each system and make an informed decision that best suits you and your osteopathic clinic.

Why do you believe it’s essential for osteopaths to have a practice management software?

Good practice management software should allow osteopaths to get on with what they do best – caring for people. More than 300 osteopathy business owners responded to Cliniko’s 2021 Allied Health survey to tell us they were time poor (many report their demand outweighed their current capacity). Using software that centralises everything you need to run your practice and can be used anywhere combined with the ability for patients to book online is a huge time saver for a practice.

In today’s healthcare landscape, the integration of practice management software has become as fundamental for osteopaths as the essential tools of their trade. Since coreplus inception in 2009, the evolution of digital technology has transformed practice management from a novelty to a necessity. In 2024, this software isn’t just a convenience; it’s a cornerstone of modern osteopathic practice.

Consider your practice management system as the control centre of your clinic. It’s more than just a digital tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that streamlines your administrative tasks, enhances patient engagement, and optimises your operational efficiency. This system empowers osteopaths to focus on their core expertise—patient care and treatment—while also honing their skills as savvy business owners.

With features like automated appointment scheduling, health records, and integrated billing, practice management software ensures you’re not just keeping pace with the demands of modern  healthcare, but you’re setting the standard for excellence in your practice and industry.

We want you to be able to concentrate on what you do best, treating your patients. However, we recognise that the work you do is valuable and that time spent on admin is time away from your patients. Jane was designed by a clinic owner, born out of a desire to improve the working day of practitioners.
A practice management software provides you with a way to improve the patient experience when visiting your clinic and the efficiency and productivity of both admin staff and practitioners alike. In addition, the time you save when using software such as Jane is time you can give back to your patients and to growing your practice.

At MyOsteopathy, we are osteopaths ourselves, so we understand the balance of caring for patients whilst caring for your business. We believe practice management software can help osteopaths to find the balance that is needed for a personally, professionally and financially rewarding career. 

Practice management software includes powerful features that automate and improve essential parts of your business – such as patient records, bookings, payments, reminders, marketing, invoices, bookkeeping and more. We believe when essential aspects of an osteopathy business are taken care of, that osteopaths can enjoy their work and find new and exciting ways to help their business grow.

Practice Management Systems are a key part of success for any osteopathic business. They assist in streamlining your business processes and assist in making objective business decisions so you can achieve your goals. In addition, they can assist you in basic secure record-keeping and automation for sole practitioners to performance and data analysis for those practitioners and clinics targeting growth.

Osteopaths looking to streamline their practice administration and present themselves professionally to new and current clients need a practice management system.

Power Diary was co-founded by a practice owner who knows first-hand that there’s much more to
running a practice than seeing clients.

At Power Diary, our mission is to help create empowered and powerful health practices that enhance the wellbeing of their owners, teams, and communities.

We believe health practice owners should…

● Have the power to do as little admin as possible
● Have the power to be financially rewarded for their service and sacrifices
● Have the power to build an asset that has real value and can operate without the owner
● Have the power to grow if they want to
● Have the power to provide positive health outcomes for their clients
● Have the power to spend time on their passions

Great practice management software adds efficiency in the management of health practices which save time, reduce costs and ultimately improve the patient experience and outcomes.

For most, it can save huge amounts of time; however, as with most things, there are some use cases where alternatives may be more appropriate.

There are challenges unique to running a private practice, regardless of discipline. For example, delivering osteopathy appointments with just a handful of people and a limited budget while prioritising time and resources to make it all happen efficiently. However, these problems can be solved with TM3 Connect.
We believe in the ethos of less admin and more clients, and without practice management software, it would be nearly impossible to fully utilise your time to ensure maximum patient engagement.

Efficiency: a PMS automates lots of mundane tasks that the osteopath would ordinarily have to do manually. For example, chasing invoices, sending out appt reminders

Compliance: a PMS allows osteopaths to comply with professional requirements of record-keeping and to stay on the right side of GDPR by automating things like information access requests

Client experience: a PMS gives osteopaths the tools to engage with their clients more effectively. For example, providing 24*7 online booking, digital forms and cashless payments

Can you tell us more about your company values?

The founders of Cliniko have always wanted the world to be a better place as a result of Cliniko. So the first step was creating great software that makes it easier for people to care for others. 

Beyond that, though, the team want Cliniko to positively impact the world. Which is why Joel and Liora decided to commit 1% of subscription fees to charity not long after Cliniko was founded. In 2019 we upped that to 2% of subscription fees. Donations are a major way we contribute towards our goal of doing good in the world, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

To us, doing good also means doing our part to champion equality and inclusion as well as looking after our planet.  

The coreplus values centre around our mission to connect, help and grow allied healthcare professionals with digital-first healthcare service experiences for their clients.

Connecting allied health professionals with digital tools that support them to systemise and grow their practice, as well as delivering a greater experience for their clients is at the core of everything we do. We want to help our customers achieve their professional goals and “practice happy” at the same time.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from Jane
Absolutely! Our values are truly at the heart of everything we do at Jane, and we’re fully committed to ensuring they aren’t just words or slogans; they’re a fundamental part of how we operate.
Our company mission is to Help the Helpers. We’re in a privileged position in that we get to work with and support a huge number of practitioners around the world. We want what’s best for them and their businesses as they provide care and support to their communities. The best way we can do that is by being a genuine ally to practitioners and clinic owners in the allied health care space and building the tools to help them run and grow their businesses.
This ties in with our vision of growing A Thriving Community of allied healthcare professionals succeeding in business and providing amazing care to their patients. We want to be known, be trusted, and to be helpful.
How do we achieve all of this? Everyone at Jane lives by these core values:
Love Jane
Work Hard
Have Fun
We love Jane as a product, as a company, and as a collective group of people. We work hard to enable businesses to thrive and provide amazing care. We enjoy the process and know the importance of having fun and being curious as we work towards our goals.

MyOsteopathy was created by osteopaths for osteopaths. As osteopaths ourselves, we are passionate about osteopathy and creating new and innovative features to support osteopaths in private practice.

We are also passionate about supporting the next generation of osteopaths, which is why we launched our scheme called ‘Free for Students’. Free for Students was created to support final year osteopathy students who aspire to work as osteopaths in private practice. The scheme enables students who are trained in complementary therapies such as massage, to begin to build their practice with the technology and professionalism that is required of a private practice osteopath.

In just a few words, our company values are – Integrity, Boldness, Passion, Fun, Humility, Innovation, Quality and Simplicity.

Nookal is built around a team of industry experts (i.e. health practitioners and IT professionals) focused on creating the most comprehensive solution from both clinical and management perspectives, partnering with practitioners to achieve their desired outcomes, and providing them with a high level of service and trust.

Happy to! Our vision is to provide the ultimate practice management system that makes running health practices easier, simpler and more rewarding.
Underlying this are our 5 core values;

● Customers are at the centre of everything we do
● We provide responsive and respectful service
● We pride ourselves on quality work
● We grow on solid foundations, taking a long-term view
● We work with the best people, wherever and whoever they are

At Smartsoft, we know that your practice management software is critical in the running of your business, and we are dedicated to your success through our expertise, technology and professionalism.

We believe values are important guiding principles for any company, and we have 3 that have to be met prior to us doing anything:
1. Simplicity – Complexity kills businesses, wastes time and frustrates everyone. So everything we do is about making things easy to use that save time.
2. Value – The value you get will always far outstrip any price or time investment. If it does not, we don’t do it.
3. Personable – We hate rubbish customer service. We are in a people industry, many of whom are not familiar with technology, so we make sure that we always provide options to have your handheld throughout any process and speak with a real person if you wish to.
Doing the right thing is a given, and it’s why during the pandemic, we were the only practice management provider we’d heard of that allowed users to pause their subscription if they were forced to close.
We’ve also got the Helping Hand initiative to provide a package of free software, learning and coaching to at least 2 individuals who have suffered hardship and/or are from underrepresented groups in the therapy world.

Our integrated solutions meet the specific needs of the MSK industry. Referrals can be managed securely, efficiently and with a truly digital patient journey to bring benefits to everyone. In addition, our solutions can be used on their own or combined to provide the ultimate platform for healthcare providers.

As a SaaS business (Software as a Service) we’re a service company first and foremost so we treat everyone (clients, suppliers, partners, team members) the way we’d want to be treated ourselves. 

We’re very focused on customer service (check out our Facebook and Google reviews to verify this!), we actively listen to our customers and use their feedback to drive the service forward, we speak plainly, we run an efficient business and we’re financially very prudent.

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What is something osteopaths may be surprised to know about your company?

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from Cliniko

A lesser-known fact about Cliniko is that one of the founders (Liora) is an Osteopath. Back (pun intended) in 2010, she was working for a practice using software that didn’t enable her to check her calendar from outside the clinic, and the notes function was unusable. So she said to her partner Joel (a software developer) that he could probably build something better. The rest is history. Cliniko turned 10 in June 2021. Check out the timeline of our story.

Cliniko is the only endorsed practice management system of Osteopathy Australia. Osteopathy Australia members receive their first three months of Cliniko free.

Many osteopaths who partner with coreplus are often pleasantly surprised to discover the impact of our expansive referral network on their practice growth. Our Secure Messaging integration does more than streamline communication—it actively connects our customers to a broader healthcare community. By featuring customers in two major health professional directories, we create opportunities for referrals from a wide range of healthcare providers, many of whom may not have previously interacted with our osteopath community.

In addition to this, our direct integrations with platforms like HotDoc and HealthEngine simplify the process of acquiring new clients. These integrations make booking appointments a breeze, significantly expanding the reach of osteopathic practices. Best of all, we offer Secure Message Delivery at no extra cost in our Plus plan, and all our Add Ons are available for free across all our plans. This commitment to accessibility and growth is something we believe every osteopath can benefit from!

We’re super passionate about helping people get started. For example, we offer helper rates to solo practitioners performing under 10 treatments a week for their first 3 months to support their business growth. We’re also huge advocates for education, associations, and charitable organisations.
We’re proud to support schools, colleges, universities, and not for profit organisations and offer them free accounts to run with Jane. We’re honoured to be a part of these groups and to help the helpers that are truly making this world a better place. If you have any questions about this or want to see if you qualify for a helper rate or bursary, please contact for more info.

MyOsteopathy was created in the United Kingdom in 2022 following extensive research, development and collaboration between lots of passionate and experienced osteopaths. Our idea was to create the world’s first osteopathy practice management software, that would enable us to create new and innovative solutions to some of the common problems that we face as osteopaths in private practice. We also wanted to create a powerful software solution that would be at the heart of technology and innovation within osteopathy.

We’ve been a remote team since 2010 (before it was cool) – with staff all over the world, which enables us to bring you a great wealth of industry knowledge and support when you need it.
So, as remote work and telehealth became commonplace, we were ready to help our practices pivot to a new way of doing business backed by our own experiences.
Power Diary was founded in Australia and now supports practices in over 23 countries. We have team members in most time zones to provide support nearly 24 hours a day.
We also believe in supporting the entire practice management function. Our Practice Management Hub has resources with letter templates, marketing examples, policy documents and much more.
Earlier this year, we released an in-platform Health Practice Operations Manual. This is an industry-first feature that provides more than 100 policies and procedures that practices can customise and adapt to their needs.

Smartsoft has been developing and supporting practice management software for Osteopaths for over 25 years, and we offer both desktop (Front Desk) and cloud products (PracSuite).

Quite how committed we are to helping therapists and improving the industry.
Every software company says they understand it, but many industry associations and members tell us that we are the only one in the UK that proactively gives so much time to help upskill therapists on business and clinical fundamentals to help them succeed, not just provide software that helps them.
For example, we are also in the middle of breaking down the barriers between exercise professionals and osteopaths, working with CIMSPA and in discussions with the Institute of Osteopathy to create a formal process for red flag assessment ( that highlights osteopaths higher skillset and generates referrals for them.

We have 19 years of experience in the healthcare software industry, from working alongside insurers like BUPA to working with sole practitioner businesses to streamline and automate business operations.

Our team is and always has been 100% remote. Back in 2009 we decided to work remotely and spent years listening to people tell us we weren’t a REAL business unless we had an office. How times have changed!

How does using your practice management software improve the patient experience?


Time is important to everyone, including patients. With Cliniko, patients can book their appointments quickly and easily and then get on with their day with online bookings. A patient can open up your online bookings, and without needing to sign in, they can book and pay for their appointment. 

They’ll receive their confirmation email, containing the option to add the appointment to their calendar with one tap. Then, prior to the appointment, they can fill out pre-screen questionnaires/forms at a time convenient to them, not rushed in the waiting room or taking up valuable time within the appointment – meaning they get more time with you.

Automated reminders also help those patients with a prompt the day(s) before their appointment. Should something crop up and they can’t make the appointment, they can quickly and easily cancel the appointment online. 

All of this can be managed without direct input from you or your staff, making it a time saver for the clinic and highly convenient for the patient.

coreplus redefines the patient experience by providing a seamless, connected journey from start to finish. With the patient in mind, coreplus enables convenient online bookings, allowing for effortless appointment and a streamlined intake process with online forms. Proactive engagement is facilitated through automated SMS and email communications, including appointment confirmations, reminders, and even personalised (and automated!) birthday messages.

Additionally, offering diverse payment options and offering Medicare claiming through coreplus makes the billing process smoother for patients but also demonstrates a practice’s commitment to accommodating their needs and preferences.

We’re really conscious that the patient experience is incredibly important. Jane provides a nice, smooth patient experience that reflects and complements your clinic’s branding and language.
With that in mind, Jane has a number of features to improve the patient experience. Patients receive an automated booking confirmation and reminder emails and texts. They can complete intake and consent forms from the comfort of their own home. Patients are also given the ability to create an online account for your clinic. They can use their online account to; update their personal information, set their reminder preferences, book, cancel and reschedule appointments (if enabled), pay an outstanding balance, add themselves to your waiting list if they can’t find an appointment time that works for them, manage family member profiles and view documents/images shared with them by their practitioner.
Jane even has the ability to allow patients to check-in for their appointment using their smartphone, which is handy for them and those clinics running without anyone managing the front desk!
They can do all of the above in the knowledge that their information is safe, secure, and protected by their username and password. It’s pretty great, and lots of those features are nice and convenient for clinic owners too.

There are many ways MyOsteopathy improves the patient experience. In the first instance, the booking portal, online payments, patient forms and appointment notifications provide patients with a professional experience whilst booking an appointment at your practice. 

We have also created a new and innovative feature that enables osteopaths and patients to work in partnership to create person-centred goals that guide subsequent treatment and management. This feature, called goals and progress, facilitates a multifaceted approach to the provision of osteopathic care. In practice, it enables osteopaths and patients to focus on meaningful goals and outcomes in addition to routine pain management interventions. The goals and progress feature works well when combined with motivational interviewing techniques and education regarding the experience of pain.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from Nookal

Patient experience is such a key part of their journey to success with us as practitioners. And no two clinic models will be identical, as each is influenced by their own goals and values. This is why we endeavour to provide you with a range of customisable tools – so that you can ensure that your patient’s experience is structured in the most efficient way for both you and them.
From Online Booking and Payment tools to empower patients with 24/7 flexibility to convenient Intake Forms enabling accurate and up to date information, supported with automated appointment reminders, recalls, and replies – these are just some of the customisable features we have available.

We love hearing from practice owners that an unexpected benefit of moving to Power Diary is the improved patient experience. They’re often surprised by how many clients prefer to book (and sometimes pay for) their appointments online.

Power Diary enhances the patient experience in other ways, too. In addition to booking and paying online, patients appreciate the automated appointment reminders, online forms for new client intake, waitlist, and faster checkout and rebooking means that they’re spending less time waiting at reception. These benefits are in addition to receiving treatment from clinicians who aren’t overwhelmed by admin.

The patient experience with PracSuite is enhanced in several ways: the ease of being able to book an appointment online 24/7, receiving appointment reminders with optional time to leave and navigation directions, the convenience of receiving paperless receipts, being able to spend less time at reception and with clinical staff as their jobs have been made easier, while receiving better outcomes due to better practitioner clinical note-taking capabilities.

It is not a one size fits all. We help clients to understand their patients and their own preferred ways of working to create pain-free experiences for both sides.

Remember the days when your clients phoned to book appointments and classes, attended sessions at brick-and-mortar locations and paid cash in person? The world is a very different place now. The last 12 months have necessitated participation in online shopping, digital payments and virtual services, even their biggest opponents.

Clients are now consumers of healthcare services. We live in a self-service society where people like to book and pay for things how and when they please. With TM3 Connect, clients can manage their agenda, consent, bookings, payments, forms and more from their smartphone without needing to dial your reception.

In lots of ways, but what they are depends on personal preference. For some it can be as simple as providing automated email/SMS confirmations & reminders. For others online booking greatly improves the patient experience. More recently, it’s been the provision of online forms and self onboarding or cashless payments. Many of our users have clients with differing demographic profiles so what improves the experience for one may be a pain in the neck for another. Our goal is to provide a broad range of secure engagement tools that our users can choose from. 

What makes your practice management software different?


Cliniko was intentionally designed to be intuitive and easy to use. A lot of thought and time went into this, and our customers agree we’ve done it well – 77% of osteopathy business owners who participated in Cliniko’s 2021 Allied Health survey said this is why they chose Cliniko over other providers.

We believe that what makes coreplus different is our focus on not only the “core” features that allied health practices need to systemise and grow their practices, but also the “plus” features that allow each practice to customise their coreplus account to have the ‘Add On’ features and integrations that they want.

Jane began when Alison, a clinic owner, hired Trevor’s marketing firm to build her new clinic’s website. During this time, Alison couldn’t find a great practice management system that would be both flexible enough for her multi-disciplinary practice and that offered a patient experience that matched her brand.
So Trevor offered to build her a solution. The solution transformed into Jane – a practice management software used by tens of thousands of practitioners all around the world. Trevor and Alison now run Jane as Co-CEOs, which has created an ongoing and obsessive focus on Jane’s design and customer-centricity.
We’ve found that it’s rare for clinics to use software that has been built by someone just like them. So often, software is developed by a technical team but not a clinic owner that understands the tight ship that needs to be run, all the little unforeseen tasks that arise, as well as managing a team and patients.
Our vision is that everyone using Jane is delighted by the experience – patients, admin staff, practitioners, and owners.
We also have a fantastic support team which is one of our biggest pride points. We have a very hands-on approach and develop great relationships with our users. You get to speak with real humans! We love having a laugh and a catch up as well as helping you with any of your queries.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from MyOsteopathy

MyOsteopathy was created by osteopaths for osteopaths. We are osteopaths ourselves, and are working alongside the most passionate and experienced osteopaths in our profession to bring new, innovative and exciting features to osteopathy.

I (Darren) am a Physiotherapist with 20 years of experience successfully building, operating and growing multidisciplinary clinics. Nookal is the combined result of all the knowledge my team and I have collected and been exposed to throughout that journey.
Nookal has proudly been built and designed by practitioners first and foremost.

Power Diary is different because we were founded by two brothers— Damien Adler, a practice owner, and Paul Adler, a seasoned technology entrepreneur. They merge their fields of expertise to deliver on Power Diary’s vision. Their experience impacts many small decisions and features built into the software creating a more robust system.

Some of the highlights include;
● Seamless 2-way SMS communications
● Built-in Telehealth — secure and compliant without 3rd party involvement, it’s simple to use and included at every plan level
● An instant letter writer makes communications with clients and referrers easier
● Direct integrations with Medicare, DVA, Xero, Stripe, Tyro, Mailchimp and more

More importantly, the Power Diary Customer Success Team is outstanding. We hear from practice owners daily who tell us how much they appreciate the responsiveness and supportive nature of the team. You can check out some of these comments here.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from PracSuite
The comprehensive nature of PracSuite’s core functionality (patient scheduling, billing, clinical notes and reporting) results in the highest efficiency gains as it has a better match on real-world needs. This is the reason our software is not only used in single practitioner practices but also by the largest allied health groups in Australia.
Further, we believe that professional support for business-critical software is paramount, which is why we offer telephone support in addition to email and live chat support. We also offer consulting services to develop custom solutions for clients with individual needs to extend the core functionality of our products.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from SIF Health

The amount of time we spend talking to our users to help them get it set up in a way that saves them time, money and frustration.

We regularly get clients transferring over for the customer service and feel like they are being listened to, then tailor a system that works for them.

We are not focussed on the big multi-chain practices but specialise in the sub 5 person clinics and make even the part-time sole trader feel valued.

TM3 Connect provides you with an end-to-end business management solution for efficient clinic, class and client management. Ensuring you can track patient progress from acquisition to discharge with multiple digital touchpoints throughout.

This is a relatively mature market so most of the leading providers like ourselves and Cliniko are great systems that provide broadly similar capabilities. The differences come in terms of implementation which some will like and some realistically won’t and of course there’s the service that we wrap around the software. Does this differentiate us – maybe but I can’t be the arbiter of that! Check out our Facebook reviews for an unvarnished view 😊

What feature are you most proud of?

Telehealth! When the pandemic hit, the team pivoted to work entirely on features that would enable our customer’s practices to survive and enable them to continue to treat patients whilst the world was in lockdown. From starting work on telehealth to launching, it took us 7.5 days. Admittedly they were long days; the team worked extraordinarily hard because we knew that it was essential to our customers and their businesses (and in turn, ours). 

Telehealth has since become our most used feature (as of April 2021, we’ve logged 30 million minutes!). I’m also pretty proud that telehealth is free as part of Cliniko’s subscription, and we don’t intend on charging for it, ever.

We are still super proud of Telehealth by coreplus, our native telehealth solution that
delivers the ultimate digital health experience. Our Telehealth feature was designed to be APP compliant, private, secure and simple to use for both the practitioners and clients. Our customers love that it offers a great integrated workflow, and other cool features like automated archiving of shared images and chat transcripts, as well as
branding capability and a digital whiteboard!

There’s a lot to choose from here as our team is incredibly talented and constantly building incredible features.
The one that stands out the most for us is our Telehealth Appointments & Clinical Surveys feature. Both features were placed much further down our roadmap, but when the Covid-19 pandemic started and various restrictions were put in place around the world, we wanted to help. So our team worked really hard to quickly release a Telehealth appointment feature and clinical survey tool so clinics could send out Covid-19 screening questionnaires and offer virtual appointments as soon as possible.
The automated questionnaire emails enabled clinics to continue to offer in-person appointments (in line with local guidance) by screening all of their patients for Covid-19 symptoms and capturing their answers and declarations as part of their patient records.
For practitioners that couldn’t offer in-person sessions, they were able to continue working and providing care to patients by using the Telehealth appointment feature at no additional charge.
This was a huge win for our clinics during a very uncertain time, and these are both features that clinics continually use on a daily basis.

We are most proud of our goals and progress feature. As described in answer number three, the goals and progress feature facilitates a multifaceted approach to the provision of osteopathic care. In practice, it enables osteopaths and patients to focus on meaningful goals and outcomes in addition to routine pain management interventions. 

I’m immensely proud of our ability to listen to customer feedback. It’s absolutely crucial to making sure Nookal is kept grounded and we continue to provide the best possible product and service to the industry.

Power Diary’s Clinical Notes feature allows practitioners to set up note templates to suit their practice. We have an extensive, pre-built library of more than 100 different note templates that can be used right away or customised to suit your needs. Note templates are an effective way to ensure that your entire team is following your processes and help to get the best results for clients. They’re also very efficient to use, with many practitioners creating notes in a fraction of the time. And with that, you can get your evenings and weekends back without using that time to catch up on ‘paperwork’!

It’s fast, beautiful and has a deep level of functionality.

The amount of time it saves users and the emails from staunch technophobes who love it.
What gets quoted the most by users is the templates/forms that give them complete freedom to create and personalise their own to send out to clients and/or use when writing up notes.
For me, it was the first, and potentially still the only, system that can effectively handle the challenge of multiple therapists, services and rooms in a simplified way as well as also allowing multiple bank accounts, which the self-employed love!

TM3 Connect. Connect is packed with new features that make managing, marketing and maintaining all aspects of your clinic, classes or sessions as efficient as possible – all of which can be bundled into your own white-labelled Connect web app. Connect.

Smart Forms; These enable our users to send out secure forms to their client’s that they can complete online in the comfort of their own homes (rather than on a clipboard on the knee in clinic). The data from these forms is then imported into the client’s record so the clinician doesn’t have to waste time re-keying information and they can crack on with helping their client.

What is your most under-rated feature?

Concession prices. You can set up discounts so that certain items will automatically be discounted depending on the criteria of a patient—such as a pensioner, student, etc.

Many people don’t realise they can automate this and will instead discount invoices when they’re raised. It’s only a little thing, but if you correctly set up concession prices when getting started with Cliniko, it can end up saving you valuable time later on!

We believe the most underrated coreplus feature is our Secure Message Delivery Hub. What is the coreplus SMD Hub?

  • It connects a practice to the digital health network, allowing them to appear in over
    75,000 healthcare practitioner directories.
  • It allows for the safe, seamless, and secure transmission of client information.
  • It saves hundreds of dollars per practitioner per year by not needing to subscribe to the
    different secure messaging networks directly.
  • It minimises paper correspondence and frustrating admin tasks.
  • PLUS… It’s FREE meaning new client acquisition costs are $0 per new client!

Probably our Return Visit Reminders – an automated way to improve patient retention. The Unscheduled Patients Report means you can see at a glance any patients who aren’t currently booked in for another appointment. Then, in a couple of clicks, you can set up an automated reminder. Just the gentle nudge they might need to come back to the clinic. Often patients can feel embarrassed about coming back to the clinic after a No Show/DNA or a late cancellation, but with the option to customise a return reminder, you can put their mind at rest and reach out to encourage them to return to your clinic.

Our most under rated feature is high priority alerts. High priority alerts enable osteopaths to allocate appointments to people who need them the most. Marking an appointment as high priority indicates that a person needs an appointment sooner than what is available.

We have developed an innovative feature that recognises when appointments become available for high priority patients. This clever feature sends an email notification to the clinic notifying them of the new availability for high priority patients.

Good Case Management is hard to find for some practitioners and clinics – it can be severely misunderstood or under-utilised as a result of bad habits (or resistance to administration).
When it’s done well, it’s a foundation that you can build amazing processes on, leading to outstanding results for both your practice and clients.
We offer a powerful and easy-to-use Case Management platform; we’re even happy to help you become an expert in using it – but *only you* can make a difference with it.

The 2-way SMS Feature in Power Diary is a standout. People often don’t see how effective this is until they try it themselves. With most systems, clients can reply to reminders to signal that they can (or can’t) attend, but that’s the extent of the functionality.

With Power Diary, automatic SMS messages can be sent, but you can also send clients SMS messages and have a two-way conversation with them from your Power Diary account. Making it easy to reschedule appointments, let clients know if you’re running behind or have an opening, or remind them to bring something to their appointment.

For many clients, SMS is their preferred way of communicating with practitioners, and the ability to do everything from your computer makes it easy for the practice to manage.

PracSuite’s emphasis on workflows rather than just functionality. The system is designed to assist users through common tasks such as making a patient’s next appointment and invoicing, to viewing clinical history while writing new notes and letters as efficiently as possible.

The SMS appointment reminder and the amount of money it saves through minimising no shows / DNAs.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from TM3
In a competitive marketplace, brand identity, perception and visibility are imperative to the growth of your business. Following a turbulent 2020, we know that every penny matters and when our clients told us they needed to be able to track online booking conversion sources – we delivered.
With TM3 Connect, you’ll be able to push your website, Google Ads, social media and email marketing traffic directly to the relevant services for online booking. In addition, our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations make it easy to track conversion sources for new and existing bookings.
This means you’ll be able to make informed decisions on your client acquisition strategy equipped with real-time data. We are providing you with insight and metrics that you won’t get with any other system.

Online payment. It’s used by around 20% of our base and should be used by nearly all clinicians that are private pay in our opinion. Used for pre-payment it significantly reduces “no shows” and used post treatment it avoids the need to spend time between clients taking payment via a card machine. Just send the invoice via email and the client clicks to pay with everything nicely reconciled in the system.

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I’m a sole trader; why should I choose your practice management software?


It’s going to save you time. If you’re a sole trader, you’ve likely got your hands full treating patients but also trying to manage the paperwork that comes along with running your clinic.

Cliniko has various features which will help you with this. From less phone calls to answer (or to call back) thanks to online bookings to online automated forms saving you the physical paperwork. Cliniko also has useful financial reports which will help you to keep track of your revenue. Combined with the Xero integration, you can really keep on top of your business finances when it comes to the end of the financial year.

Many third-party apps integrate with us to make your life easier. 

We provide sole traders and startups with affordable pricing, as well as amazing support from our team on best practices, solutions, and workflow options. We know our sole trader customers love that coreplus helps them to streamline their admin tasks as well as access their calendar and client records on any device that has internet. Plus, the automated, 24/7 online booking feature is popular for sole traders who don’t have a dedicated receptionist and want to make it easier for themselves and their clients to book and manage appointments.

Jane is perfect for sole traders as she can help with many of the traditional admin and non-clinical tasks. Things like allowing patients to check themselves in for appointments, sending reminders, online booking, financial reporting, and lots of features to make writing your treatment notes a breeze (way more efficient than paper!).
In addition, Jane is priced very fairly – from $74 Canadian per month sole traders – and you’ll have so much more free time you can put to use treating patients, growing your business, or relaxing away from work.

MyOsteopathy is powerful, easy to use and can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Our team of osteopaths provide free setup and data transfer and are on hand to offer help and support via email, telephone and video. As osteopaths ourselves, we can help you set up MyOsteopathy for optimal results in your practice.

For any osteopath, time is of the essence – free time, admin time, and clinical time (to name a few). And osteopaths everywhere are driven by their love for helping people live their best life. This is where utilising Nookal to automate and manage as many of those administrative tasks as possible can help you do exactly what you love and get back to living your best life (like your patients).

Sole practitioners LOVE Power Diary! We understand that they’re often stretched to their limit with responsibility for everything within the practice. Power Diary helps sole practitioners to be effective and successful by minimising the time spent on admin while maintaining day-to-day operations.

Power Diary gives you all the tools you need to streamline operations and demonstrate your high standards and organisation to clients. Leaving you time for more appointments, marketing or whatever you need to handle. Clients will also feel more confident in your practice— increasing repeat business and new client referrals.

The return on investment is considerable by minimising additional staffing costs and to give you back more time.

We know being a sole trader means you have way too much to do, and it can be a lonely, stressful place. So from day 1, we will give you as much time and support as you need to get the software set up to maximise its value to you. In addition, we will give you the advice and support to help achieve your goals, whether that’s to grow your business or make it run efficiently, so it stays part-time and not stressful.

With TM3, you’ll be able to reduce admin time whilst improving client engagement. Your branded client portal allows patients to manage all aspects of their account, from booking and payment to forms and receipts, ensuring you can maximise the time spent on service delivery. In addition to this, all communications can be automated.

It’s feature rich, you’ll get tons of help, it’s cost-effective and the system will meet your needs as/when your business grows.

I’m a sole trader; why shouldn’t I choose your practice management software?

This is less of a reason not to use Cliniko and more a heads up on planning when to start using Cliniko. Starting up with a practice management system (PMS), either moving from one or moving from paper to a digital practice management software, requires time. We get it, and especially as a sole trader – not only do you have the normal day to day running of your business, you’ve got to find time to get set up, all by yourself.

I can understand why that would put some people off, but don’t let it. It’s going to save you the time you spent and more once it’s done.

To get you through the set-up process, we offer free, unlimited support. Our team is a friendly bunch ready and waiting to help you get set up and help you with any and every question you have! Not only that, but we also offer a full, free transfer service from some practice management systems. 

Don’t just take my word for it though, 43% of customers who participated in Cliniko’s 2021 allied health survey said they chose Cliniko over other software companies because of Cliniko’s support team.

The migration to a new system or learning a new system can be challenging when running a business as a sole trader. We know that time is needed to set up any practice management system, and a sole trader must be prepared to commit to doing the initial setup so they can reap the long-term benefits.

Thankfully, coreplus has a dedicated Success and Support Team who are happy to help all new customers navigate the migration stage or get set up for the first time. Coupled with our robust Help Centre and video content, we make managing your practice with coreplus simple. Start with the core features and add-on from there. If you get stuck you can email, live chat or schedule a call to speak to a member of our team.

For some people, the prospect of switching to a fully online platform may be overwhelming and stressful. We totally understand that for many sole traders, their business is all-consuming, and even finding the time to stop and consider an entirely new way of working can be difficult.
In addition, finding the time to get a new system set up and making sure you have a good grasp of how things work day-to-day, as well as letting your patients know you’re using a new system and switching to a new way of managing reminders and forms, can be a lot to take on.
The last thing we want is for people to be so overwhelmed that it’s not a successful switch, and that’s exactly what our customer support team is here to help with.

This is difficult to answer, because we have engaged in extensive research and development alongside lots of passionate and experienced osteopaths to ensure MyOsteopathy is suitable for all our osteopathy colleagues. However, If you are currently using paper based processes within your practice, it may take some time to become familiar with using practice management software within your practice.

We see sole-trading osteopaths joining us at many stages of their professional journey, from the newly inducted to the established and experienced and everywhere in-between. There’s no single magic one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Practice Management systems.
The best advice I can offer (that I believe is the key) to find the right platform for you is to do what we as practitioners do best – take the time to study, research, and learn. Then measure possibilities objectively and make an informed decision.
Osteohustle’s favourite answer from Power Diary
Many sole practitioners believe that it’s too difficult to make the switch if they’re already using another platform. However, Power Diary offers a fast and complete import service. You upload your data, and our dedicated import specialists manage the entire process. We offer this for practices of all sizes, free of charge.
Other sole practitioners may think that they don’t need a practice management system because they run a small practice. However, while Power Diary benefits all kinds of practices 365 days per year, it’s really essential for solo practitioners when times get tough. For instance, if you’re sick and need to cancel or reschedule your appointments, you can do this through Power Diary with just a few clicks.
If you plan to grow your practice in the future, investing in a solid practice management system is a decision you won’t regret— whether that’s Power Diary or another suitable platform.

No reasons known!

In the same way that some people love iPhones and hate Samsung, you can never create software that appeals to everyone. If you try it for free and don’t like it, we’ll happily recommend something else that is likely to work.

Sometimes TM3 feels like it can be ‘too much more a sole practitioner in that they don’t need all of the features available. However, we believe that you shouldn’t risk all the hard work you’ve put into building your healthcare of fitness business by choosing a system that can’t scale with you. TM3 provides leading clinic and class management software for businesses of all sizes and disciplines.

Occasionally we see practices that are run more as lifestyle businesses and as a result they have very small caseloads (< 10/mth). If this is the case a sole trader might find it hard to justify the relatively modest cost of £14.95/user/mth.

We’re a multidisciplinary clinic; why should we use your practice management software?


Cliniko is well suited to all modalities in the allied health industry. You can set up and customise your treatment note templates, forms and letter templates, meaning that each practitioner can have the templates which suit them. 

Confirmations and reminders can be customised per appointment type, too, and we offer the ability to restrict viewing of notes and communications so that you can maintain privacy within the clinic. If you work out of a clinic that has an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, and Psychologist, you’ll find that the available features of the software will suit everyone’s needs, regardless of what they’re practising.

When you have a larger, multidisciplinary clinic, access permissions and security are
paramount. coreplus offers different access levels based on roles within the business,
options to alter access permission per user, and additional client and calendar sharing functionality. We also support multiple locations within one account and personalisation for the client regardless of their practitioner.

Jane is incredibly flexible and customisable!

Let’s say you have a team of 4 Osteopaths who all offer the same treatments at the same price and use the same treatment notes and intake forms – that’s nice and easy to set up and manage in Jane. What if you have a team with a couple of Osteopaths, some Chiropractors, some Physios, and also have someone offering Sports Massage? That’s equally easy to set up and manage! You can set different treatment lengths and prices, have discipline-specific intake forms and treatment note templates, and customise your online booking site and email notifications with specific language for each discipline and treatment.

Jane is built in a way that enables you to scale and grow your business whether you’re a strictly Osteopathic practice or you offer a whole host of treatments across multiple disciplines.

MyOsteopathy has been created with associates in mind, meaning that physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists can enjoy MyOsteopathy too.. Additionally, MyOsteopathy includes a variety of permission levels which means that your data is safe and secure when multiple practitioners are using the software.

As a Practice Manager and Owner, I know it sometimes feels like you need to be in five places at once – and we’re not experts in cloning technology, so we’ve done the next best thing. We designed Nookal to be a framework for a wide range of clinic workflows and processes, with the ability to keep an eye on the day-to-day running of your practice. All so you can make data-driven decisions quickly and easily to save yourself from dreaming about having those personal clones.

Large, multidisciplinary, and especially multi-location clinics have even more of a need for a solid practice management system. Power Diary is designed for all kinds of allied health practices and tends to suit multidisciplinary clinics very well. With larger clinics, having strong processes in place becomes more important to ensure clients get a consistent and high level of care. Clinical note templates, client intake forms, and letter templates help larger clinics operate like clockwork.
Reporting functions also become more important to help you manage the practice in the best way possible. Power Diary has many clients that provide a cross-section of health services.
Multi-practitioner, multi-profession and multi-location functionality is built into the core of our products. From security settings that define what features and data users can and can’t access to workflows that save time, such as practitioner specific fees and performance of the appointment book in large environments, including filtering by profession.
Further, we also support multi-profession practitioners, for example an osteopath and an acupuncturist taking advantage of different provider numbers and billing items accordingly.

The ability to streamline processes to save significant amounts of time.

The ability to have multiple bank accounts so self-employed associates can get paid directly.

The ability to cope with multiple therapists, rooms and services in a simple easy to use way without getting charged extra licences for different rooms.

Have you ever thought about expanding your service offering? For example, maybe you’ve considered running a class at your private practice but don’t want to make the financial commitment? Or vice-versa, considered offering physiotherapy services from your gym or Pilates studio?
TM3 Connects branded multidisciplinary booking platform gives you the tools to showcase all services in a visual and engaging manner.
Test and expand your service offering in the most cost-effective way with pay-as-you-go appointments and classes on TM3 Connect. Our unique pricing model means you can create a new bookings service for your experiment, market it through our integrations and direct URLs and measure its effectiveness through the Google Tag Manager integration. If it’s not a success – then it’s nothing lost, nothing gained! If it is, then you can easily scale availability and marketing with TM3.

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from WriteUpp

WriteUpp evolved out of our work with AHP’s in the NHS where it was used by teams with over 1300 multi-disciplinary clinicians. Understanding the needs of large, diverse teams operating in differing care settings is in our DNA.

We’re a multidisciplinary clinic; why shouldn’t we use your practice management software?


A multidisciplinary clinic running many rooms may not be suited Cliniko if their preference is to make bookings by room rather than practitioner. We also don’t assign patients to particular locations or practitioners, which means if you need to strictly separate your patient lists per modality, we may not be the right choice for you.

Changing to new practice management software for a large multidisciplinary clinic is not an easy decision to make. The only reason we can think of why a multidisciplinary clinic
shouldn’t use coreplus is if their current PMS is ticking all the boxes with the features
they need, delivering great customer support, and fits in their budget. If they aren’t
happy with their PMS, then we invite them to have a chat with our team.

There may be some disciplines for which Jane isn’t a great fit. For example, GPs or Family Doctors who need a fully-fledged prescription system and a way to automatically track medications and see possible side effects or interactions. Jane isn’t built with these practitioners in mind, and they’ll likely need a system with some purpose-built functionality to support them. There may be other disciplines with very specific requirements around how the software needs to work for them, so the best thing to do is have a conversation with us to help you determine whether or not Jane is a good fit.

We decided early on to release MyOsteopathy in three versions. This would enable us to first introduce the fundamental features for practice management, and then to roll out additional features including new and innovative features based on osteopaths feedback.

If you are a multidisciplinary clinic, with multiple locations and multiple treatment rooms, we may not be able to support you until we have designed and developed the appropriate functionality in early 2023.

The best practice management system for your clinic is the one that is aligned with your company goals, vision, and, most importantly, values. If that’s not Nookal, that’s ok – it’s far more important that you find the right fit for you and your clinic.
We’ve built our team to value honesty and integrity, with a vision of encouraging practice growth, all encompassed within a goal of providing smart practice management tools.
If a large proportion of your practitioners are GPs and need links to pathology services or require prescriptions to be generated, this is not something that Power Diary does. But if you are primarily in the allied health space, then it’s hard to think of reasons why not to use Power Diary.
Power Diary has many clients in psychology, physiotherapy, speech pathology, podiatry, chiropractic, nutrition, counselling, massage therapy, and of course, osteopathy (as well as many others). It’s easy to upload your existing data and have this migrated over to Power Diary, and most practices that start using the system tell us it’s intuitive, and the learning curve is very quick.

There’s absolutely no reason why a multidisciplinary clinic shouldn’t use PracSuite.

There are times when you will want a complex set-up with lots of integrations that, at present, we do not support. At these times, we recommend certain other providers depending on the requirement.

You’ll have to create new note templates for each discipline to ensure they’re relevant to each treatment session.

WriteUpp isn’t optimal if your clinic is very location-based i.e. you have lots of rooms that are the primary booking entity rather than clients.

How would an osteopath who isn’t confident using technology feel using your practice management software?


Hopefully pleasantly surprised. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re consistently told about how user-friendly Cliniko is. Having said that, the second most common thing we’re told is how great our support team is. Cliniko is free for 30 days; we don’t require a credit card on sign up, so you can really see if Cliniko would be right for you and your business. Everyone, even those on trial, has full unlimited access to our support team. 

Osteohustle’s favourite answer from coreplus

In a word, supported.

We know that new trial customers get a lot out of having a 1-1 demo to work through any questions they have about specific features, plus new subscribers can choose to do an additional kick-off session to ensure they have everything set up correctly.

Feeling supported continues long after a customer starts using coreplus, with our
amazing customer support team available for live chat, email, or scheduled phone calls from Monday to Saturday, and we have our online Help Guide available 24/7.

We get lots of feedback about this on a regular basis, and the consensus is the idea of switching to an online system and learning how to use it is actually far more stressful than the switch itself! We have so many clinics and practitioners who were in this exact boat. They were comfortable using paper for so many years and were really worried about grasping the technology, so they put things off for as long as they possibly could.
After switching and working with our team to get the account up and running, most people pick things up very quickly and often comment that they can’t believe they were so worried as things are now far easier to manage. We have so much in the way of online guidance and training to help with the transition and always reiterate that we don’t expect you to go it alone from day one; we’re here to help.

MyOsteopathy is incredibly easy to use despite its powerful features. Because MyOsteopathy is created by osteopaths for osteopaths, the software is designed for osteopaths ‘out of the box’, meaning the software can be set up in less than 10 minutes and does not require complicated configuration. Additionally, our team of osteopaths are on hand to offer help and support via telephone, email and video. We also offer free account setup, data transfer and free training if you are new to practice management software.

Every new account has an obligation-free 30 day trial period (with no credit card required) and no limitations – so you can fully explore, learn and decide if Nookal is right for you. Plus, our friendly Success Team will give you a fully-guided private tour to get you started.
All accounts also come with 100% free help, support, and training. We offer weekly online training sessions for new, existing and future practitioners and administrative staff.
Behind the scenes, we endeavour to make all facets of the Nookal platform as easy to use as possible. We’re constantly testing new features with our existing customers and collecting their feedback. This helps us to ensure that we’re keeping everything as simple as possible for our end-users – no matter the level of technical prowess they join us with.
Overall, practitioners find Power Diary incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and they rave about our Customer Success Team. We offer live chat, email support, phone calls and live video support.
This year, we introduced a new series of live demos with Q&A for practitioners brand new to Power Diary or who are still exploring which systems. We’re getting great feedback from these demo sessions and are excited to offer them.

PracSuite is easy to use and logically laid out, so users who aren’t confident with technology should have no difficulties using the product. Our prompt support service is available if users do require assistance.

We are honest and supportive. Any new piece of software to someone who is not confident with technology will feel strange. That is why it’s important to have a free trial and have the ability to talk to someone who can review your setup and take the time with you to help you maximise its benefit. Perhaps as importantly that that person can also flag if another system may be better suited for your need.

At TM3, we offer tailored 1-2-1 demos with our regional sales teams as well as a trial period. Following a purchase, our implementations team are available to ensure you get the most from your investment.

WriteUpp is a service and so we do our very best to ensure that all abilities are able to use the system. Part of this comes down to the user interface, which is deliberately clean and simple but a larger part comes down to the support that we offer. We provide live chat to all users and are happy to guide even the least technically able users through the system. Check out our reviews on Facebook and Google to see what our users say about the support that they receive from us.

What aspects of your service are you actively trying to improve?


Cliniko is continuously updated. We’re largely led by feature requests from our users, and we’re rarely working on a single area at one time. 

Nothing about coreplus is ever a ‘set and forget’. We listen to and implement our customer feedback, keep track of industry requirements, stay up to date with digital
trends and respond to what’s going on in the world around us.

We have some exciting new features and updates in the pipeline, including a new look
calendar that will incorporate many of the ideas our customers have shared with us. Plus, we will be launching a very cool new client communication feature in early 2023.

We have an online demo site populated with fake staff, patients, reports, treatment notes, and other templates. We generally recommend making use of the demo site alongside some of our Jane University training guides to get an idea of how Jane works. We set a new password for the demo site at random each week and will happily send the login details over to you each week for as long as you need.
If you do decide to go ahead and sign up with JaneOsteohustle members can use the referral code OsteoHustle1MO to get the first month of your subscription at no charge. There’s absolutely no obligation or long-term contract to sign with Jane, everything rolls on month-to-month, and you’re free to cancel at any time if it’s not the right fit for your practice.

We are currently working hard to bring MyOsteopathy to osteopaths who practise outside of the United Kingdom, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland. We are planning to introduce MyOsteopathy to international osteopaths as of January 2023.

Hopefully, without sounding cliche, everything. No single part of Nookal is above improvement or refinement. Our Design Team is always welcoming feedback on how to make workflows and processes more efficient for our users, and our Technical Team is always working to keep systems running smoothly. Continuing Professional Development is not just for practitioners; our teams are driven to expand their own knowledge and abilities.

We always have a bank of ideas we’re looking forward to implementing to improve practitioners’ lives. We look forward to releasing diagnostic codes for invoicing and what we refer to as “quality of life” features, like a 12-hour time display as an optional alternative to a 24-hour time display.

Whether it’s an enhancement to an existing feature or something completely new, our team is consistently hard at work to make improvements that will better meet the needs of our customers.

For curious osteopaths, we recommend starting a free trial to test the system. There’s no credit card required and no commitment whatsoever. You can also register for one of our new live demo webinars. You can get questions answered during the demo, which helps you understand how Power Diary can work for your practice.

We are extremely pleased with our products and service offerings and are committed to the ongoing development of our products due to the changing nature of practice management and the IT environments in which we operate. We are heavy investors in product development, with over a third of our team being software developers and testers, working full-time from our office in Adelaide to meet this goal.

We make constant small improvements every day that members have requested to help them feel as though it is tailored to their needs. At a macro level, we seek to improve the number of integrations that support some of the more complex multi-practice setups.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and whilst we do not share our roadmap publicly, we are working on some big things – watch this space.

Everything. Nothing stands still and there are always better, quicker ways to do things. We actively encourage users to provide feedback from within WriteUpp and we aggregate this to drive our R&D and product development.

One of Osteohustle’s core goals is to bring osteopaths together. What are you working on to change the face of healthcare?


Cliniko is for people who care, but it’s also made and run by people who care. We care passionately about our team, and we believe that the unique way our business is run (focussing on a happy, healthy team) has played a big part in Cliniko’s success. 

We feel so strongly about it that we think every business could benefit from the way we work (or at least parts of it). To help to put into perspective one of the benefits of having happy employees, we built a calculator that practice owners can use to calculate the cost to their business when a practitioner leaves. We hope that talking about the way we work can inspire others. You can watch a video of our founder, Joel, talking about the unique way we work here.

Since coreplus has been around (est 2009!), we have historically been the first to market
with many innovations for Australia’s allied health practitioners. Advocating on behalf of
the Allied Health community is central to our identity and something that we are
incredibly passionate about at coreplus.

We continue to work towards our vision of digital-first healthcare service experiences for all through initiatives like our partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency, delivering interoperable Secure Messaging features to support the continuity of care for clients, and adding even more new health tech Add On partners to our platform.

One of our core goals is to create and continue to build a thriving community that can learn from one another and depend on each other. We really want to celebrate practitioners and the work they are doing so they can share their wisdom with other people in their industry as well as inspire their patients.
You’re welcome to join our Jane community on Facebook – The Community Forum or follow us on Instagram at janerunsclinics and janeapp_UK to see what we’re up to. Here you can meet and get inspired by fellow Osteopaths and share your stories too. 
As someone who’s personally seen and been affected by the exponential growth in the healthcare industry over the last 20 years, I know it’s critical to ensure that new and existing clinics can grow to meet the ever-increasing demands from both patients and third parties.
This is why we’ve created Nookal with the latest state-of-the-art security and encryption (to make sure we stay ahead of the game) and are constantly focusing on making and refining the Nookal platform to be as flexible as possible. So when new challenges and improvements arise in the healthcare industry, we can move alongside them and keep our customers one step ahead.
Power Diary is passionate about helping health practitioners make a more significant impact in their communities— through using systems and good processes and approaches to practice management.
This year’s release of our industry-first Health Practice Operations Manual demonstrates that commitment. It includes more than 100 policies and procedures that can be adapted for any practice. It’s easy to edit, and you can archive or delete our policies and add your own if you like. It’s a game-changer for practices and was developed by a team of industry experts with over 50 years of practice management experience. It covers everything your business needs to operate.
Outside of the system itself, our Power Diary Facebook Group has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. It’s a group of like-minded practice owners and managers supporting one another. (You’re welcome to join if you like!)

Improving workflows and interfaces to enforce standards and to promoting better interoperability between healthcare systems to improve patient outcomes. – To protect the public by not only improving the process of picking up red flags but then having a robust referral set up to link to the appropriate health or medical professional that can provide an assessment and work with the referrer to help the patient. – Most therapists are trained to treat, not run, a business, so help them understand business and clinical fundamentals to avoid getting ripped off and give a better chance of success. In addition, we put on events that help highlight others we feel are improving the profession.
We’re a great believer that collaboration beats the competition and has partnerships with over 10 significant associations or companies to help improve standards, break down barriers between professions, and ultimately increase the outcomes for patients.

We want to help patients become consumers of healthcare services by enabling businesses to step into the self-service society.

We don’t see it as our responsibility to change the face of healthcare. As a technology provider working within the healthcare sector our role is to provide healthcare professionals with the tools that they need to work the way they want to work. For example, in the past 2 years we’ve introduced video consultations, digital forms, secure messaging to name but a few. If the application of these technologies changes the face of healthcare then we’ve played our part, but indirectly.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?


We don’t want to say too much until we have a confirmed launch date, but we can share that the future of coreplus is looking ‘global’!

MyOsteopathy is committed to bringing passionate and experienced osteopaths together to create new, innovative and exciting features for osteopaths, and to be at the heart of technology and innovation within osteopathy.

We’re always developing new and exciting features, and you can be assured that we’ll always be listening to the needs of our users.

Power Diary continues to be optimistic about the future. Practices have faced many adverse conditions in recent years, and the healthcare industry has been leading the charge. Clinics have continued to grow, and staying organised with technology, like Power Diary, has proven to be a successful tool to handle this growth.
Within Power Diary, the team has grown significantly over the past year in a forward-thinking effort to meet our customers’ needs. From hiring a full-time product manager to developing our engineering and customer success departments, every department at Power Diary is on track to see another successful year.
We look forward to more feature roll-outs, a steady stream of industry and product webinars, and much more to make practitioners’ and practice owners’ lives easier.
The pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of health practitioners in maintaining the wellbeing of the people the world over. However, it’s important that the well-being of health practitioners is never forgotten or overlooked. The future sustainability of healthcare is dependent on having healthy practitioners who feel confident, well-organised and in control of their work. This is something we are passionate about and work hard every day to support those who care for others.

We are excited about PracSuite’s development roadmap, which is filled with exciting new features and improvements that will bring further efficiency to allied health practices.

So that our clients get a consistent and high-level experience, the Smartsoft team works together in a secure, collaborative and manageable environment from an office in Adelaide, Australia. Though increasing our operating costs, we believe that this is a better strategy than the general move in the software industry to have employees work virtually from home in uncontrolled environments.

We are UK-only at the moment but are excited that due to popular demand, we will be expanding our offering to overseas businesses in the New Year. Please email to be added to the list to be kept informed.

Our board is incredibly experienced and again bridges boundaries.

From a medical perspective, we have:

  • Dr Rod Jaques: Head of Medical Services at English Institute of Sport, former President of Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine and been to 5 Olympics with Team GB.
  • Mike Grice: Our clinical lead for Safety Net, a highly experienced Osteopath and education lead.

It means we are not wedded to that one profession that trumps the others but believe there are good therapists and bad therapists.

We keep our future plans to ourselves. The software industry has been and continues to be awash with vapourware and big promises. We prefer to keep our tinder dry, work hard and focus on delivering what our clients want.


In summary, osteopaths can learn a little more about some of the major practice management systems on the market.

Compare practice management software features, price plans, values, and customer support. Taking the time to do this is essential for osteopaths to choose the most suitable system for their osteopathic clinic.

Written by Alan Zaia M.Ost

Founder & CEO of Osteohustle. You’ll find Alan coaching osteopaths, travelling in a van or writing our weekly newsletter, The Hustle.

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