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Cram Courses™

Graduate with key marketing skills in 90-minutes or less.
Because what’s better than getting random flashbacks
of endless revision sessions before the big exam…


Study a whole
semester into a

single Cram Course

Study a whole semester into a single Cram Course

Enrol in the Osteohustle Marketing University. The best Osteopathy marketing Facebook group filled with over 1000 other first-class Osteopaths. 

Why Learn Through

Cram Courses

Cram courses are 60-90 minute videos that give you everything you need to know about a certain marketing method. You’ll also get a super helpful workbook that’s filled with practical information to apply what’s taught in the videos. Learn bursts of career-changing information quick. From Google My Business and Copywriting to Search Engine Optimisation and Canva, we cover it all.  

Osteopathy marketing methods in bite-sized videos.

We understand that you are a busy Osteopath and person in general!

Cram courses are designed to give you as much practical knowledge as possible in 90 minutes or less.

Immediate action workbooks are provided for digital download for you to create an action plan. No messing about. Straight to the stuff that makes a serious difference. 

Cram Course suggestions

We believe in the power of sharing. Osteohustle was built upon the generosity of Osteopaths sharing their knowledge. We are committed to continuing that ethos. 

Got an idea you’d like to see added to the Cram Course library? Tell us and you’ll be rewarded with a huge discount!