The Google Ads For Osteopaths Course.

Turn searchers into patients without lifting a finger.

Google Ads is a fast, reliable and consistent way to get new patients into your osteopathy clinic or onto your treatment table. It can consistently deliver more patients more often. If your website isn’t in the top 3 results on Google, you’re missing out on patients. Now you can learn Google Ads for osteopaths from Alan, an osteopath and Google certified teacher.

What's inside The Google Ads For Osteopaths Course

32 videos • 356 minutes of video •  Step-by-Step guide to set-up your Google Ads • Group support

The Google Ads For Osteopaths Course is a collection of video tutorials where you will set up, link, and create your first campaign with Alan. We’ve created this thoughtfully designed process to teach you all you need to know about controlling and mastering your Google Ads. All you’ll need is a computer and the internet to complete the course. You’ll also have the option to join The Osteohustle Course Society on Facebook. We’ve explained everything in detail throughout this page.

10 videos • 66 minutes of video

▸ A very important introduction
▸ Creating a Google Analytics Account
▸ Installing and Setting up Google Kit Plugin
▸ Creating a Google Ads Account
▸ Logging into Google Ads
▸ Linking analytics to Google Ads
▸ Setting up conversions
▸ The importance of a landing page
▸ Creating a Google Ads campaign
▸ Google Ads Structure & Hierarchy

5 videos • 84 minutes of video

▸ Introduction to keywords
▸ Introduction to keyword match types
▸ Deeper dive into keyword match types
▸ Keyword planning and organising part 1
▸ Keyword planning and organising part 2

5 videos • 51 minutes of video

▸ Creating an Ad group and Ads
▸ Navigating menus and setting up billing
▸ Bidding and auction
▸ Understanding Quality Score
▸ Improving your Quality Score

6 videos • 90 minutes of video

▸ Creating new campaigns, ad groups, and ads
▸ Custom scheduling and bid adjustments
▸ Utilising negative keywords
▸ Utilising Ad extensions
▸ Setting up remarketing Ads
▸ Setting up conversion tracking

5 videos • 63 minutes of video

▸ How to understand if you’re making money
▸ Bidding max Cost Per Click
▸ Important Stat columns
▸ Understanding the reports tabs
▸ Recap of the tools and settings tab

The 4 lessons you'll learn

#1 Google Ads is perfect for osteopaths

Osteopaths should care about Google Ads. Why? Because people use Google for everything. Google Ads overtakes SEO-driven websites. You’ll even learn how to show your Google Ads exclusively to people who want osteopathic treatment. You’re now at the top of Google while your SEO grows in the background.

#2 Get eyes on your website

46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads in Google search results. Google Ads leads more people to your website, increasing your booking chances so you can treat more patients for little cost. Are you wasting time and money on poor results? Google Ads is a skill every osteopath can master, saving you literally thousands.

#3 Using Keywords

Keywords like ‘osteopath near me’ are the words you bid on to show your advert when someone types in that phrase into Google. Unlock which keywords you should be bidding for and how to get the most for your money – no matter your budget!

#4 Be top without spending more

Google uses an equation to stop people with the biggest budget from blowing everyone out of the water. This equation is called the Quality Score. Learn how to utilise the quality score so you can rank 1st without spending a mini-fortune.

Learn alongside a Google Ads expert

Alan is Google Ads-certified teacher

Learn from a Google-certified osteopath who understands both sides of the story so you can:

  • Stay clear of the ASA/AHPRA
  • Get more patients with easy tried-and-tested techniques
  • Stay in control of how much money you spend

Only pay per click

More patients without a bigger budget

Google is a question and answer service. Google wants to provide the most relevant answers. Beat your Google competition with ads that get clicks without needing a big money pot. Start small and grow your budget as you bring in more patients through Google Ads. 

Google Ads’ best trait is that if 1000 people see your advert, but nobody clicks on it, you won’t spend a penny. You only pay per click. 

People search for osteopaths on Google

People use their phone to find you

Google pushes 95% of all paid ads to mobile. All our ad techniques are optimised for mobile and boost what Google cares about the most – the quality score (ads that people click on because it answers the searcher’s question). Mobile-friendly + high quality score ads = patients through your door, fast. 


The Google Ads Course is for osteopaths who

Want an osteo teacher

Alan teaches the course, an osteopath who’s also a Google Ads-certified teacher, so everything is in a language you understand. Also, Alan uses osteopathic terminology to make his adverts for you to copy into yours.

Want video tutorials

The Google Ads For Osteopaths Course combined whiteboard explanation videos and screen sharing inside Alan’s Google Ads account to show you precisely what you need to do every step of the way. We take you from beginner to expert.

Are willing to invest

Even if 1000 people see your advert, you won’t spend a penny if no one clicks it. However, to run effective Google Ads, you must be able to invest at least $200 (AUD) every month. Remember, you can always pause your ads anytime.

The Google Ads Course isn't for those who are

Wanting done for you

Hiring a Google Ads Manager is a good option for those who can afford the monthly ad budget and management fees. Learning may be your best option.

Severely time-poor

You can start anytime and have Google Ads running fast. However, you must be able to spend 30 minutes optimising your monthly budget.  

Needing a new website

Your website judges the effectiveness of your Google Ads. If it isn’t up to scratch, you’re wasting money on Google Ads. Do you need a new website first? 

Join the Course Society

Learn alongside course graduates

Understand how osteopaths are controlling their Google Ads as you make your way through The Google Ads for osteopaths course. Meet the Osteohustle Course Society Facebook group, where you can ask course graduates to help you on your journey. Join and start thriving together.


Spotlight review


Rory Tyrrell M.Ost
Owner of Body Beliefs Osteopathy

My Google Ads are popping since following Alan’s Google Ads course…I got 14 new patients within 3 months!”

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Your instructor: Alan Zaia M.Ost

Alan Zaia is the Founder of Osteohustle and has been helping osteopaths all around the world build their clinic from the ground up. After opening his own clinic after he graduated, Alan contacted over 300 clinic owners to discover the best business building and marketing methods from those who have done it already. Everything Alan knows about Google Ads for osteopaths is outlined in this course so you know you’re getting everything he has to offer. 


We aim to help everyone regardless of abilities. This course is slightly more technical than our other courses, but trust us- if you can get through a Masters you can definitely complete this course. You’ll need a Facebook account if you’d like to join the Osteohustle Course Society – which we highly recommend! If you do need extra help please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Of course! All our courses are suitable for every osteopath around the world! Our course students range from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. We are a team of international osteopaths who trained in the UK and now live in the UK, Australia and New Zealand so you know you’re in good hands.

Basically, no. But that’s a good thing because we are here to teach you how to completely set up, control and excell in your Google Ads yourself. Google Ads agencies can cost literally hundreds a month, where as by learning yourself you can save that money or put it directly into your Google Ads. If you are, however, looking for someone to do you Google Ads for you we’d recommend contacting a Google Ads agency. Osteohustle do build websites, contact us if that’s something you’d be interested in.

This private Facebook group is exclusive for Osteohustle course takers. The aim of this group is to bring all course-takers together in a supportive network where they can ask anything about their journey. You’ll also find extra tutorials from the Osteohustle team.

You can get a full refund if you claim within 30 days of purchase. All course access shall be removed after a refund has been issued. Refunds cannot be issued after the 30 day period has expired. 

Not at all! We want to help people of all ages. We’ve had a whole range of people from students to mature osteopaths from 21 to 60. There’s definitely NOT a target age demographic, we just want you to be excited by the idea of taking control of your online marketing!