Learn Google Ads from
an Osteopath who is

Google Ads is the best way to get new patients
incredibly cheap and fast - if you know how.

Osteopaths can learn Google Ads
with tried-and-tested methods

even if you've never tried before or have been
let down in the past in 45-days or less.
(no matter what your budget is).

Turn searchers into patients.

An Osteopath who knows Google Ads.

Google Ads pay per click is

perfect for Osteopaths

Osteopaths should care about Google Ads.


Because people use Google for everything. 

Google Ads overtakes the SEO-driven websites.

You’re now at the top of Google while your SEO grows in the background.

Wasting time and money on poor results?

46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads in Google search results.

Google Ads leads more people to your website, increasing your booking chances meaning you can treat more patients for little cost. 

If your website isn't
in the top 3 of Google,

you're missing out
on patients.

Google Ads: a fast, reliable and consistent way to get new patients

"alt=Google Ads Marketing For Osteopaths Osteohustle By Alan Sidebottom"


Google Ads for Osteopaths

Google pushes 95% of all paid ads to mobile. 

All our ad techniques are optimised for mobile and boost what Google cares about the most – the quality score (ads that people click on because it answers the searcher’s question). 

Mobile-friendly + high quality score ads = patients through your door, fast. 

Learn from a Google-certified Osteopath who understands both sides of the story so you can:

  • Stay clear of the ASA/AHPRA
  • Get more patients with easy tried-and-tested techniques
  • Stay in control of your money with ease instead of paying someone else’s wage.

A Google Ads Certified

Osteopath who understands Osteopathy

Rank higher than those

with a bigger budget

Google Ads Marketing For Osteopaths Osteohustle By Alan Sidebottom

Google Ads is a question and answer service. Google wants to provide the most relevant answers. 

Beat your Google competition with ads that get clicks without needing a big money pot.

Start small and grow your budget as you bring more patients through Google Ads. 

Google Ads = more patients, more often

"For those that haven't done it yet, I thought I'd say how much Alan's Google ads webinar really helped me. It's really helped me to take over the management of my own Google ads account and so making things more profitable for me!"
Tim Wood
My Google Ads are popping since following Alan's Google Ads course...I got 14 new patients within 3 months!"
Rory Tyrrell osteohustle review
Rory Tyrell
Osteopath & iO Rising Star Award Winner
My Google Ads are popping since following Alan's Google Ads course...I got 14 new patients within 3 months!"
Joss Barrett

Run powerful Google Ads for
the same price of hiring

a Google Ads agency
for 1-month.

Show your Google Ads exclusively to people who want Osteopathic treatment.

Alan's 'I Will Work For Free'

Google Guarantee

I personally guarantee that the cost of the 6-week course will return to you through patients within 2-months or I’ll work with you for free until it does*.

*Meaning if the Google Ads For Osteopaths Space Race is $500 you will get $500 worth of patients within 2-months after implementing the course guidance or I’ll personally work with you free until you earn $500 worth of patients. 


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