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If you’re looking to master one of the most powerful methods to attract new patients into your clinic, this beginner to expert step-by-step Google Ads webinar is for you. Get your website in front of hundreds of people every month who are looking for an answer to their problem – you.

Let me ask you a question: would you like a way to grow your new patient list without having to rely on word-of-mouth?

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Google Ads can rocket your Osteopathy website right to the top of Google so more eyes will be on you.

Completing this course will help you:

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In order to make Google Ads work for you, it’s essential to get off to the right start. Feel confident knowing that even if you’ve never used Google Ads before, you can simply copy exactly as I do like a seasoned pro. 

Many Osteopaths who use Google Ads get overwhelmed by the layout. But not you. The step-by-step format of this webinar means you really can’t go wrong. 

Before you know it, we’re already creating your first Google advert. As a part of this course, you will get over 50 keywords to show your ad to people who search anything to do with Osteopaths and low back pain.

Those 50+ keywords are super valuable because keywords are what you need to bid on to get your advert in front of the right collection of people. I’ll teach you the process you should copy to use the correct keywords so you can prevent spending your budget needlessly.  

An obvious step, but extremely important. Guarantee your budget will be spent exactly where it needs to as I guide you through how to analyse where to put your money and why. 

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