Google Ads For Osteopaths

Turn searchers into patients without lifting a finger

If you’re looking for a Google Ads manager run by osteopaths who understand both osteopathy and Google Ads, look no further. Imagine getting patients from Google without lifting a finger. Our Google Ads managers can consistently deliver more patients more often. That’s what we specialise in. We’ve put together a network of osteopaths who manage Google Ads accounts for osteopaths – what’s better than that?

Google Ads for osteopaths, why choose us?

#1 Google Ads to get patients fast

People are searching ‘osteopath near me’ every day. Our managers will build your account to only show your Google Ads to people who are looking for an osteopath sooner rather than later.

#2 Location exclusivity guarantee

Get the unfair advantage clause. When you become a Google Ads client, we lock down your location so you have total ownership of your area. Block any MSK competition from working with us. 

#3 No long-term contracts

Many Google Ad agencies involve signing complex contracts that can be hard to escape. Our Google Ads clients enjoy the freedom of knowing there’s no lengthy locked contract. Simply give us 30 days notice and you’re good to go.

#4 Tight budget? No problem

Google uses an equation to stop people with the biggest budget from blowing everyone out of the water. This equation is called the Quality Score. We utilise the Quality Score so you can rank as high as possible without spending a mini-fortune.

#5 Google Ads that get patients

Our Google Ads are designed to attract people into your website so your website can turn them into patients. We’ll take care of the entire process, including conversion tracking so we can track the entire journey from searcher to patient.

#6 We test, analyse and optimise

Google is continually changing their algorithm so we continuously analyse, monitor and refine every aspect of your campaign to perfect performance. Trust us when we say that we’re real Google Ads nerds.


Google Ads that are ASA & AHPRA-safe

Stand out while staying in line

As a team of international osteopaths, we understand the importance of staying within your country’s national marketing guidelines. Our Google Ads management network follow all the rules and regulations of ASA, AHPRA and GDPR so that you can rest easy.

We consider all guidelines while still ensuring you stand out from the crowd. Our Google Ads show potential patients why you’re different while staying within national marketing and advertising guidelines by injecting your personality, values, and brand into your Google Ad copy.

Osteohustle's trusted Google Ads manager

Meet our Manager, Nicola McLennan M.Ost

An osteopath with a passion for Google Ads

Nicola is a self-confessed Google nerd and ex-practicing osteopath of 20 years. As a successful clinic owner who sold her practice for 10 times what she bought it for, Nicola now runs Google Ads accounts for healthcare professionals.

An incredibly knowledgable person, Nicola will help you run your Google Ads account from setup to optimal performance with ease. 

Our Google Ads Management is for osteopaths who

Want an Ads manager

We provide a done-for-you Google Ads management for osteopaths service. From setting up to optimising the account performance to be as financially efficient as possible, we do it all.

Don't want to explain

We’re osteopaths just like you, so we speak your language. We know the world of osteopathy and Google, so we can explain everything in an easy to understand way without the jargon.

Need new patients

Whether you’ve recently opened a clinic and need a high volume of new patients or you’re looking to fill up your associates diary, Google Ads is a new patient magnet. 

Our Google Ads Management isn't for those who

Want a better website

Our service includes stunning landing pages and funnels to fit your website. However, if you’d like a new or updated website before starting Google Ads, we build websites for osteopaths!

Struggle to retain

Having a healthy rebooking percentage is important for Google Ads to be profitable. Our coaching can help you with ethical rebooking that benefits you, Google Ads and your patients.

Are unable to invest

Even if 100 people see your advert, you won’t spend a penny if no one clicks it. To run effective Google Ads, you must be able to invest at least £300 every month. You can pause anytime.

osteohustle and onetreeplanted

Thriving Google Ads, Thriving Planet

Every Google Ads account we manage plants a tree with One Tree Planted.

Google Ads manager for osteopaths

Let's manage your Google Ads today

We get our best results when everything is in place and ready to go before you spend any money on Google Ads.

To maintain this high-quality level of results, we offer a free video call.

During the call, we’ll go through a checklist of things you’ll need to have in place so you can maximise the money you put into Google Ads.

So, please use the calendar below to find a time that suits you and we’ll go from there.