Google Business Profile for osteopaths

Learn GBP to sky-rocket your Google ranking

Osteopaths can use Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to get hundreds of more potential local patients from Google search. Master Google Business Profile For Osteopaths in just 90 minutes so you start getting more patients through your website. 

Google My Business has been replaced by Google Business Profile

Google is at it again, making changes to keep everyone on their toes. Discover what makes the new Google Business Profile different from Google My Business and how to optimise your listing to rank higher than other local osteopathic clinics. 

Are you looking for a Google Business Profile (GBP) course that shows you how to rank your Osteopathic website on Google?

Great, you’re in the right place.

Learn how to optimise your Google Business Profile listing for maximum reach in your local area in 2022 and attract more patients than ever.

Google Business Profile for osteopaths taught by osteopaths

An osteopath teaching you how to do GBP the right way

If you want to know how to setup your Google Business Profile the right way the first time, we’ll walk you through every single step. We’ll also show you a few pro-tips so you can stand out from your Google competition, and gain even more online visibility.

What you'll learn about Google Business Profile

  • Know how to optimise your Google Business Profile listing.
  • Learn about the Google algorithms that affect local search results.
  • Find out what the top GBP ranking factors are.
  • How to generate more reviews for your business (and what to do with AHPRA).

This is the most comprehensive Google Business Profile course you will find for osteopaths and includes lots of tips and trick to improve your local online visibility.

Perfect for any osteopath who is new to GBP but also for the more advanced osteopaths who want to maximise their Google Business Profile.

Perfect for beginners yet full of expert GBP tips

GBP will get you more local patients

Optimising GBP gets patients automatically

If you’re just getting started with local SEO, Google Business Profile is the perfect place to begin. Especially since GBP is free and super simple to use.


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Your instructor: Alan Zaia M.Ost

Alan Zaia is the Founder of Osteohustle and has been helping osteopaths all around the world build their clinic from the ground up. After opening his own clinic after he graduated, Alan contacted over 300 clinic owners to discover the best business building and marketing methods from those who have done it already. Everything Alan knows about Google Business Profile is outlined in this Course so you know you’re getting everything he has to offer.