How Osteopaths Can Always Get Stuff Done

If you're finding yourself prone to delaying what needs to be done for your Osteopathy career, you need to read about the Two Day Rule.

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The two day rule

There’s one rule, the Two Day Rule, that’s empowered me to get the little and the big things done without feeling guilty. Basically, it’s a compromise. This rule is an effective way to make you stay on task while also allowing for some flexibility to park it to one side for 24 hours. 

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Osteopaths have a lot on our plate, stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done!

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Your brains worst enemy

Having a tough conversation with ourselves

Our brains are amazing, us Osteopaths know that. The problem is that they’re fantastic at thinking, but dreadful at remembering to stick to tasks that we set ourselves. 

Have you ever had a stern conversation with yourself where you’ve decided that you’re going to start a new habit? In that moment you decide that starting tomorrow you’ll do a certain thing that will make you a better person. 

You even get excited at the early ‘new year, new me’ concept only to wake up the next morning and decide that it’s not worth it or even forget about it. Darn brain. 

Without a lot of self-discipline, it's easy to fall back into old habits

It really does end up making a lot of sense. If you tell yourself that you’re going to do something within the next 48 hour and you miss the first day, it’s no big deal. However, the small amount of harmless pressure you put on yourself to complete it before the second day is over – is genius. 

Using rules to your advantage

It’s easy to confuse rules with chores. If you can get past the adolescent idea of rules being negative and base them on what you value most, you can really utilise them as a powerful motivator and ‘doer’ in your life.

Setting yourself rules & Sticking to them

Nobody who has ever achieved any kind of success, in any field, has done so without implementing some kind of rule or system in their lives.

The key here is consistency. 

But you have to show up and do the work

Heck, this may even be an excellent way to get your patient’s onboard with their exercises or establish long-lasting lifestyle changes. 

Putting this motivation into action

Creating a few rules for yourself based on your inner values and what you want to achieve in life then live by those rules.

The Two Day Rule has now become one of my life’s rules.  

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