17 Tips on How To Be a Confident Osteopath On Camera

Be confident and show your patients who you are with these tips for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. 

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Get Confident on camera as an Osteopath!

Being confident in front of a camera is an invaluable skill for any Osteopath to learn. It allows you to show yourself to more people, and tell them all about why you’re such a great Osteo!

I know being in front of a camera may feel awkward and uncomfortable for most people, but honestly, it just takes practice! With these few helpful hints you will be talking to everyone confidently through a screen in no time.

Check out the Pro Tips scattered throughout this guide. These were written by Osteohustle’s other half, Emma. Many people don’t know this but before working in care and for Osteohustle, Emma was an actor and even featured as a nurse in Hacksaw Ridge! Get inside knowledge and learn from a real-life pro!

So, let’s learn how to be a confident Osteopath on camera.

osteopath comfortable on video
Emma showing her confidence on camera.
osteohustle logo osteopathy marketing

Why is it important for Osteopaths to have videos online?

As Osteopaths we want to help as many people as possible to live pain-free. However, coming to see an Osteopath can be daunting for some people.

Videos on your website, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram can help potential patients feel more at ease. By allowing them to get to know you they will be able to see how excellent you are as an Osteopath!

Here's my tips to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera!

1- Choose an outfit you feel good in.

Putting on clothes you feel confident in is like putting on a suit of armour. Start looking so you can feel good behind the camera. It’s a great way to start things off.

Pro Tip: Steer clear of stripes as they can come up fuzzy on screen.

2- Practice speaking about nothing in particular.

Pretend you’re talking to a friend, but have the camera rolling. This is an easy way to practice where to look, and get a feel of what talking to a camera is like.

3- Know where to look.

Put a brightly coloured sticker about 0.5 centimeters above your camera to keep your eyes focused on that area.

Pro Tip: Never look directly into the camera, it looks unnatural to people watching you. It also stops you from looking like you’re presenting the news.

4- Have an idea of what you’re going to say.

Create a general outline using bullet points. This means that you don’t have a full script and you’ll have more flexibility of how you want to get your point across.

Pro Tip: Practice saying your points in front of a mirror a couple of times as it gives you a framework to structure your sentences around. 


don't get frustrated if you make mistakes while making your osteopathy video
If you're making lots of errors, take a 5 minute break, forget about it then carry on. Take 48!

Get good at making Osteopathy videos so you can make awesome social media content!

5- Schedule plenty of time to make mistakes

It’s ok to make mistakes! Everybody does. Give yourself lots of time so you don’t feel rushed if you want to re-record a bit, or all of what you want to say.

6- Be organised.

Feeling unsure or rushed will not help you to go into filming yourself feeling confident. Put the last few points into action as your first steps to being organised.

7- Don’t go for perfect.

Adding onto the last point, if you stumble over a word or two it’s ok. You can still use the footage (or “take”) if it flows well overall. It also makes it seem less robotic if you have 1 or 2 small mistakes.

8- Have plenty of water nearby.

This will prevent that weird ‘tisking’/clicking noise you hear when your mouth is dry. It’s also a good way to settle your nerves.

Pro Tip: Don’t drink too much at once, small sips in between each time you film is better than one big glass at the start.

9- Try to stop saying “um” and “ah”.

Taking a pause to gather your thoughts or move onto your next point is much better than literally “umm”ing and “ahh”ing. This is a habit that may need a bit of time to get out of. The first step is to start being aware of when you say “um” or “ah”, and then try to pause instead of saying it.

Osteopathy video to get more patients
Arjun from Jigsaw Osteopathy is fantastic at putting himself and his personality forward on camera.

Go and check out Fellow Osteopath Arjun's Instagram for some inspiration!

10- Balance out your energy.

If you are fidgeting, or can feel your heart racing you need to calm that down. You could jump around to get rid of the jitters, or you could pause and take a few deep breaths.

Pro Tip: Before getting in front of the camera I used to do both. I would jump around and shake my energy out and then take 2 deep breaths to calm my mind. It helped me feel relaxed and confident but energised at the same time.

11- Remember to talk at a natural rate. Don’t speed up!

On your first few “takes” you may notice you’re talking quicker than usual. That’s normal, but try to be aware of it and breathe. Get yourself talking at a more natural rate again.

12- Smile!

Fake it until you make it. Even if you are feeling a little uncomfortable, smile and maybe even have a laugh- it may trick your body into feeling more relaxed, and smiling always makes you look good on camera!

Pro Tip: Imagine that you are talking to one of your patients, you will naturally smile as you do in clinic.

13- Minimise distractions.

This one is self-explanatory. There’s nothing worse than getting interrupted right in the middle of a great speech about hamstring stretches. Put your phone on do not disturb. 

use three-point lighting for your osteopathy videos
It's also worth learning about 3-point lighting if you're serious about making good videos. Credit: Biteable.

Use video to show your personality to future potential Osteopathy patients!

14- The best time of the day to film is usually morning.

This is because the lighting is at its brightest, and natural light will make you look your best on camera.

15- Watch your videos back.

Do this only once you feel confident and ready. If you aren’t ready to watch yourself on screen, get someone close to you to watch it and give you some positive feedback and constructive criticism.

16- Keep your posture in mind. 

As you know, if you shift one part of your body, your whole body shifts. So if you are leaning on one foot more than the other, you will be able to see that in your shoulders. Take a comfortable, relaxed stance, or sit in a well supported position with your feet flat on the floor.

Pro Tip: Think about your body- even if you can’t see all of it on camera. 

17- Embrace the natural you.
It’s important to feel like you’re looking good when you’re on camera. It’s school picture day all over again! But take some advice I got from legendary Osteopath and Queen of Video, Phyllis Woodfine: Forget about your hair or random spot on your face – embrace your daily natural look and get on camera!

Pro tip: Change it up! Allow different tones in your voice to come through, it keeps people engaged for longer and prevents you from coming across as bored!

osteopathy marketing people
Bravo! Go out there and show your potential patients how you can help them!

That's a wrap!

Give some of these a shot today and see what works best for you. Gaining a new skill and confidence will feel like a big achievement. It is a big step in the right direction to get your clinic sky-rocketing!

About Alan Zaia M.Ost

Osteopath, ethical Osteopathy business advice, motivation, self driven all delivered with a British accent. From creating the perfect patient experience and creative clinic marketing to patient-generating websites, Google Ads and stunning social media, you’ll find me here, at the beach or on a call making Osteopaths create their perfect work:life balance. Keep up if you can! 

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