Joss & Elsa’s Story – Pura Vida Clinic

"Pura Vida is not only a name, but it's also an emotion. It's like a way of being, a way of living. We wanted the name to resonate with people, so they already feel good before they even come to the clinic." - Elsa Dumont

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Joss and Elsa share their story.

Taking their unique story and turning it into their dream clinic

At Osteohustle, we love watching our coaching clients grow and thrive as they learn. Joss and Elsa have been a wonderful part of our Osteohustle champions for over a year now, and it’s been so incredible to see the transformations they’ve made. So I sat down with them to ask them about the beginning of their journey with us: re-branding.

Joss Barratt and Elsa Dumont take their old brand and reimagine it into something that reflects them and their practice.
Why did you decide to set up a clinic?

I graduated from UCO in 2019 and picked up a few associate jobs at different clinics, around 40 minutes from home. And, you know it was good. It was a good experience, but I wanted my own place, and I was really keen to start that project quite quickly.

I also graduated from the DSO (UCO now) in 2019 and had been working in the same clinic for the last two years as necessary. But it was always my goal at some point in my life to have my own clinic. Because I think I like being challenged.

What are some of the challenges you faced as clinic owners?

Because I grew up in Reigate, I was just J Osteopathy for a while. So it was just me renting a room, and a lot of people around here do know me, but there’s not really a professional persona behind me. It’s just seemed a little bit shabby; I guess you could say. Whereas now, with the branding, it’s legitimate; it’s a proper clinic. It’s not just me kicking around in a room. It’s the real deal. And you build up a bit of a reputation, and people were always more direct in seeking me out because it was J Osteopathy. So there’s less of that now, I’d say.

Joss says rebranding from J Osteopathy to Pura Vida has given the clinic a more professional feel.

I think that’s, that’s an excellent point as well. Having an individual reputation but then changing it into an established reputation is a big transition. It saves you numerous issues coming up because as soon as you bring on associates or other disciplines under your roof and your brand, they’re going to integrate easily. Because people aren’t going to be looking for you individually, they’re going to be looking for the Pura Vida experience.

Since we’ve rebranded, they’re more about either seeing like me or you when they book. So patients know whoever they see, they’re going to get a good treatment and a good experience. So I do feel like that’s definitely improved since we changed the name.

As clinic owners, what does branding give to you?

I feel like it has given us one identity. But also to just be able to digitalize a long-term goal for our clinic as well. So it might not be just osteopathy; it might be something else, whatever and whenever we want it to be. So it was quite interesting because not only we had to think about our own values, but we also had to find our values together as well.

Joss and Elsa's new logo incorporates their unique story and their goals for themselves, and their patients.

As a clinic owner, branding for me made everything across all of our platforms pretty consistent, and it just makes everything look great. So the website, social media, if anyone comes to look at what we’re doing on our profiles, and it’s always positive, there’s no weak areas or bits that don’t work or bits that don’t match or don’t fit. Everything just marries up nicely. And I think it just adds to your professional persona. That’s basically it. You just look great.

Branding for me allowed us to find values that we both shared and an idea and a goal of where we want to go and what we want the clinic to be. So whatever we decide to do, later on, I feel like branding will be able to guide us.

How would you describe branding to an osteopath who doesn't know what branding is?

So for me, it was just getting a name for your business and, and that’s it really, there wasn’t anything else to it. But now I feel that your brand obviously should represent you, but it also has to be useful for what you want and do. So you want people to remember you, so you want a name that’s easy to remember, that will also catch people attention. You want colours that will again get people’s attention too. So it’s not just about who you are and what you do; it’s also about getting people’s attention in a professional way.

And I was very new to branding, and when I first started my animal osteopathy business, I just created ‘Elsa Animal Osteopath’. So, I think we all just have our name and then what we do.

I find it interesting that other people who have taken The Osteopathy Brand Academy say it was intense, in a good way, in terms of what it asked from you. For example, the course asks you to think about your brand on deeper levels than “what do you want your name to be, and why do you want your name to be that way?” Instead, it goes into “How do your colours reflect your values?”

The new Pura Vida brand has been critical in building a powerful WordPress website
What did you think of branding before taking our Brand Academy course?

Before I did the course, the branding was literally the logo and the name on my website with many similarities in my socials that weren’t similar to my tone. There were so many different things that didn’t match. It’s not like it doesn’t work. It was doing its job. But, if you want to take it to that next level, then it’s something you should spend a bit of time on. I was J Osteopathy, which is pretty standard osteopathic branding. I definitely think it’s changed, levelled up, the clinic.

How would you say that your branding is different from J Osteopathy to the Pura Vida brand?

I feel like Pura Vida is not only a name, but it’s also an emotion. It’s like a way of being, a way of living. We wanted the name to resonate with people so they already feel good before they even come to the clinic. So there is already a good vibe about it almost.

That is amazing. When you say Pura Vida’s viewed as an emotion, rather than it just being a geographical name + clinic. So instead of it being the London clinic, it was something that’s very personal for you both. And it, again, marries those values that you both share together, right?

Joss and Elsa:
Yeah. Yeah.

So our brand name is Pura Vida. And I personally grew up in South America, and Joss had done quite a lot of travelling before studying osteopathy in South America as well. He went to Costa Rica by himself, and then we went together as well, two years ago now. In Costa Rica, Pura Vida means everything. When people meet it’s “Pura Vida”. When they leave each other, it’s “Pura Vida”, that when they say. “How are you? Pura Vida!”

They say Pura Vida is really like your way of living in Costa Rica. And we really, really resonate with that when we went there.

It translates to sort of pure living or, you know, enjoying the little things.

So when we were deciding a name for our clinic, our values were that we wanted to be quite a friendly clinic. But I also like being able to bring people back to what they enjoy doing. So that’s the small things like being with grandchildren or running or whatever their goals are. We just thought that Pura Vida as a name; it fell more like an emotion. Before the patients come into the clinic, it’s almost intriguing, and they already get a good energy out of it. It’s just not just a name is it’s. Yeah. It’s an emotion. It’s a feeling.

With a strong brand, Pura Vida now have a clear direction of how to get patients from Instagram
Who do you think should do the branding course?

I think everybody should do the branding course. It’s really worth putting a bit of time and effort into thinking about it and trying to generate something that you like that you think will resonate with who you like treating. I’d been going for a year and a half or something before we did the rebrand. So you can do it later on down the track. I feel like it’s better to do it when you start off, but sometimes that’s not necessarily a priority if you’re juggling at that stage. But I really think everybody should go through it.

I feel like I’ve been wanting something that resonates with people. Guidance as well. If you want to promote yourself, but you feel like you don’t really know what steps to take next and want guidance, you should do the branding course.

If you’re looking at taking your clinic to the next level and you want your clinic to come across to your patients to be more professional.

And if you’re looking to get more consistent on your website, social media, or in your clinic, then you should do the branding course.


The wonderful Jen Nash also links Pura Vida and Osteohustle. Jen is an associate at Pura Vida and the artist behind Figure Out Creative; an Osteohustle trusted partner and our go-to logo designer. She designed the Pura Vida logo for Joss and Elsa and many other Osteohustle client brands. We can’t wait to see what Joss and Elsa get up to next in their marketing journey. If you would like to follow Pura Vida’s journey check out, or follow Pura Vida on Instagram or Facebook.

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