Mindset coaching for osteopaths

Go from imposter to empowered in 12 weeks

If you’re an osteopath who’s fed up of holding yourself back and battling that sabotaging voice inside your head, you are in the right place. Our Mindset Coaching For Osteopaths service can help you find more success, happiness & abundance in all areas of your life and truly transform your mindset. We’ve built a network of osteopaths including Annie Osborne, an osteopath who helps other osteopaths change their mindsets so they can achieve their goals.

Mindset Coaching For Osteopaths, why choose us?

#1 Weekly 1:1 ZOOM calls

You will have an hour 1:1 call with Annie every week during your coaching journey at a time that suits you and your schedule. On the call you’ll be guided through uncovering your potential.

#2 Daily accountability check ins

You’ll be working towards goals throughout a structured 12 week program. Receive daily motivational and supportive check-ins to help you maintain your momentum.

#3 Unlimited support

Annie will be working by your side as much as you need. This process is powerful, and our Mindset Coaching For Osteopaths service is designed to be there for you every step of the way.

#4 Payment plans

Investing in your mindset and happiness is priceless. Osteohustle stands for accessibility for all osteopaths. Chat to Annie about our flexible payment plans.

#5 Crystal clear vision and goals

Reset your ‘Mindset-GPS’ to direct you towards your goals with clarity and certainty. Learn the tools to overcome your hurdles and blockages and keep driving towards your goals.

#6 Actionable steps

Reassess what you tell yourself about what you can achieve. Then be guided by Annie the Mindset Coach to put actionable steps in place to get you to where you want to be.

Osteohustle's trusted Mindset Coach

Meet our Mindset Coach, Annie Osborne M.Ost

An osteopath with a passion for empowerment

Annie was inspired to start Mindset Coaching after seeing so many talented osteopaths and professionals around her that were holding themselves back. 

She had been through coaching, mentoring & personal development courses herself and experienced first hand the power of working on her mindset.

She dug deep during her own journey and removed the deeply ingrained limiting beliefs in her subconscious mind. Then as she says “everything started to transform in front of my eyes” as her self-belief, confidence & self-worth blossomed and she now wants to help others feel the same!

Now Annie is a clinic owner, award-winning Osteopath and Mindset Coach, ready to work with you to transform your life too!


Our Mindset Coaching is for osteopaths who

Have a vision

If you have a goal in mind but you feel it’s just out of reach, our 12-week Mindset Coaching service is designed to help you overcome your limiting beliefs to live the life you envision.

Are self-motivated

We’re osteopaths just like you, we understand how busy life can get. However, if you’re ready to invest in taking your goals to the next level, we’re here every step of the way.

Do the work

Our Mindset Coaching For Osteopaths experience focuses on overcoming your personal limiting beliefs and barriers. If you’re ready to do the work and truly shift your mindset this is for you.

Our Mindset Coaching isn't for those who

Need clinic systems

If you want to step up your clinic, and you’re looking for accountability and direction to implement business and marketing systems, then our Business Coaching will be a better fit for you.

Want business coaching

Your mindset is pivotal in your career. However, if you’re looking for business coaching for osteopaths that focuses on setting up, running and growing your dream clinic look here.

Want done-for-you

Our Mindset Coaching is provided in a supportive enivornment. Annie will be checking in daily and you’ll have 1:1 calls weekly, but ultimately the changes and work needs to be done by you.

Apply for Mindset Coaching For Osteopaths; work with Annie today

Go from imposter to empowered in 12-weeks

Annie Osborne is part of the Osteohustle Network. Head over to the application page to be coached by Annie The Osteo. Annie will walk you through a free discovery call, and take you through your Mindset Coaching from there.