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Now you’ve graduated as an osteopath, it’s time to write the first chapter of your career. We’re so excited for you! We’re proud to offer business and marketing help for new osteopaths. Start by understanding all the options you can choose. Take the next few minutes to look at the blogs, courses and resources we’ve made just for osteopathy graduates so you can feel in control straight away. The possibilities you can create are endless!

Osteopathy graduates!

Four steps so you can hit the ground running with complete confidence

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Welcome to the amazing world of osteopathy! No doubt you’re excited, but it’s even better if you have a clear idea of your options. This will give you a few pointers on setting your feet firmly in the osteopathic community, allowing you to hit the ground running. So, what will it be? Clinic owner, associate or both? It’s time to find out the pros and cons of each!

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One of the founding reasons Osteohustle was built was to show newly graduated osteopaths how to control their career right from the start. Learn the lessons you didn’t get taught at university by osteopaths who have been there, done that, made mistakes and show how others can avoid them. Subscribe to The Hustle below so you can be the first to find out about new courses.

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As a new graduate, you’re going to have those ‘does this make me look stupid?’ questions. Join a safe community where you can ask anything to osteopaths who won’t judge you and offer insightful, practical answers. This group is only for osteopaths to ask their business questions to an audience with centuries of experience to learn from. Come on in today! 

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