The Osteopathy Brand Academy.

Easily communicate how you can help with osteopathy branding.

If you’re struggling with getting your name out there, no matter if you’re a clinic owner, associate or both, osteopathy branding is the best step you can take towards marketing yourself and your osteopathic clinic with ease. The issue many osteopaths face today is consistency. How do I get new patients through the door every month? The Osteopathy Brand Academy answers that question and more.

What's inside The Osteopathy Brand Academy

24 videos • 216 minutes of video • 6 downloadable workbooks • Fully-customised brand strategy style guide • Group support

The Osteopathy Brand Academy course is a collection of video tutorials and downloadable workbooks. This process is specifically designed to teach you all you need to know about creating a standout osteopathic brand. You’ll just need a computer, some paper, and your favourite writing tools to complete the course. You’ll also have the option to join The Osteohustle Course Society on Facebook. Everything is explained in detail throughout this page.

6 videos • 57 minutes of video

▸ Why branding is important
▸ Finding your why
▸ Finding your why with Alan
▸ Discovering your brand values with Alan
▸ Identifying your three patient groups
▸ Linking the inward with the outwards

13 videos • 112 minutes of video

▸ Finding your brand name
▸ Finding your brand name with Alan
▸ The favourite patient tool
▸ Finding your brand colours
▸ Finding your brand colours with Alan
▸ Finding your brand font
▸ Finding your brand voice and tone with Alan
▸ Writing a core message and tag lines with Alan
▸ Approaching logo design
▸ Approaching logo design with Alan
▸ Getting a custom logo
▸ The importance of being consistent
▸ Individual brand elements

4 videos • 47 minutes of video

▸ Creating a brand strategy [part 1]
▸ Creating a brand strategy [part 2]
▸ Creating a brand strategy guide with Alan
▸ Your next best step for your brand

Everything you need to build an exceptional brand

The 6 lessons you'll learn

#1 Get a clear marketing strategy

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by marketing? The Brand Academy gives you a clear and ethical marketing strategy you can follow with ease so you can eliminate marketing methods that won’t work before you even try them. Help more people with a marketing plan that tells you what to say, who to speak to and where to say it.

#2 Standout from your competition

Imagine you’re a person looking for an osteopath. Many osteopaths look the same. Most people decide who to book in with based on who’s the cheapest, closest or most experienced. Carve your own space in your community so you can charge what you’re worth, make people want to travel to you and remove the influence of experience.

#3 Get patients without selling

People need to be able to trust you with their health. If they don’t understand how osteopathy can help them, they won’t book in. Discovering your authentic brand is the best way for people to trust you as it connects with them on an emotional level and shows how osteopathy can help while separating you from everyone else.

#4 Get patients you love treating

Marketing becomes overcomplicated and ineffective if you try to attract everyone. By focusing in on attracting who you love to treat, you’ll build your patient list fast. This process allows you to identify who you love to treat, how to connect with them on an emotional level and use our ‘Ripple Effect’ to add diversity to your patient list.

#5 Branding is more than a logo

Unlock the bigger picture of what it means for people to visit an osteopath. The visual aspects of your brand, like your logo, colours, name and font, should intertwine with the meaning behind your brand to connect with how your patients think and feel about you. It is how they experience going to see “my osteopath”.

#6 Branding establishes purpose

Strong osteopathic brands never lose sight of how to achieve their version of success. Together, we’ll build the foundations of your brand by defining why you’re different from others, who you love to treat and how to bring them into your circles. Highlight your strengths, goals and values to establish a career-long purpose.

Build alongside an expert

Create your dream brand, like an expert

From making you stand out from the crowd in a busy market to knowing how to get patients through the door with a tailored marketing plan, Alan will show you how to do it all.

Alan is an osteopath and branding expert who has helped osteopaths worldwide make their vision a reality. Now, watch him build a brand from the ground up at the same time as you.


Make your osteopathy brand with ease

Over 50+ pages of brand building exercises

Creating an osteopathy brand you’re proud of has never been simpler with this downloadable workbook to fill out as you make your way through our step-by-step videos. Follow along and put what you learn into practice straight away. These exercises make building your brand easy.

Become unforgettable

Reflect the feeling of being treated by you

Being unforgettable drives word of mouth. Of course, word of mouth is fantastic, but you’re always waiting for patients to talk about and recommend you.

Building a stand out brand keeps you in the minds of future and existing patients. Imagine if you could show people exactly how it feels to be treated by you before they even meet you.


Stop worrying about marketing

Osteopathy marketing, solved

Branding is the missing link in osteopathy marketing. Branding can provide you with a career-lasting priority checklist of marketing methods that reach the people you love to treat while standing out from your competition.

Remove dozens of time-consuming tasks and create a brand that fills you with pride so you can stop worrying about where new patients will come from. 

Osteopathy Brand Academy is for osteopaths who are

New graduates

Branding puts you in a prime position to start your career with a bang. We speak at universities across the globe about how branding is the best first step you can take as a new graduate.

All clinic owners

Whether you’ve just opened or are well established, this is the perfect way to look at your clinic marketing in a new light. Set yourself on a clear path with direction, purpose and confidence.


Carry your reputation wherever you go, and never feel like you’re starting from scratch. Build a strong personal brand as an associate so you can grow your patient list under someone else’s roof.

Osteopathy Brand Academy isn't for those who are

Wanting done for you

If you’d prefer to build your brand alongside the Osteohustle team, then you’ll love our Branding For Osteopaths service. Work with us, and together we’ll build your brand in just 4 weeks!

Severely time-poor

Branding is a process that takes time. You can take as little or as long as you’d like, but ultimately you will need at least 3 hours to complete the course and downloadable workbooks. 

Retiring soon

If you’re looking to wind down in the next 5 years, we’d suggest investing your time within your community, letting us take a look at your website and Google Ads to help even more people.

Join the Course Society

Learn alongside course graduates

Understand how osteopaths are building their dream brand as you make your way through The Brand Academy. Meet the Osteohustle Course Society Facebook group, where you can ask course graduates to help you on your journey. Join and start building together.


Dare to be different

Go from using your name to a powerful brand

Mariana Bakewell was the previous owner of Mariana Bakewell Osteopathy and Massage. However, the family-orientated name and overall look didn’t match her environment as Mariana practices from a room within a CrossFit gym.

The Brand Academy process made her realise she needed to connect with the CrossFit community. So Mariana built a daring-to-be-bold CrossFit-style brand with an osteopathic twist. Ignite Osteopaths.

She used her personal and professional values to create a brand that immediately connects with the types of patients she loves to treat: fitness-focused people and weekend warriors.

Mariana now feels confident in her marketing with a clear focus on where her ideal patients spend their time online and offline.

Spotlight review


Sabrina Chow M.Ost
Owner of Fern Clinic Osteopaths

It surprised us that the process of The Brand Academy is very simple but the results you get are dramatic when you look at your brand and website before and after.
I feel we gained a deeper insight and appreciation into the process of creating a brand. The skills gained are extremely valuable and will allow us to evolve our brand over time or even create a new brand from scratch.
If you are unsure about branding but want to be involved and in control of your own brand, don’t hesitate to take the course.

Stand out from the crowd with your unique vision and turn it into a reality.

Try The Brand Academy 100% risk free

Here at Osteohustle, we stand by our courses 100%. If you don’t love The Academy, tell us within 30 days, and we’ll refund you all of your money, no matter what.

Sound fair enough?

Osteopathy branding that is
ASA & AHPRA-safe guaranteed.

We understand how important it is to stay within the ASA and AHPRA guidelines. Everything Osteohustle teaches is never considered a grey area. You have our unwavering guarantee that everything you learn from us is 100% ASA and AHPRA-friendly.

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What you're unlocking

Just $97 p/month for six months.

Prices in Australian Dollars.


Your instructor: Alan Zaia M.Ost

Alan Zaia is the Founder of Osteohustle and has been helping osteopaths all around the world build their clinic from the ground up. After opening his own clinic after he graduated, Alan contacted over 300 clinic owners to discover the best business building and marketing methods from those who have done it already. Everything Alan knows about osteopathy branding is outlined in this course so you know you’re getting everything he has to offer. 


Yes you do, but the Brand Academy takes you through exactly how to approach a logo designer using so you can communicate to them using their language exactly what you’re looking for. 

Absolutely! Branding is far more than just a name and a logo. The Brand Academy will teach you how to look further into what osteopathy means to you and your patients so you can communicate that through your marketing. 

We aim to help everyone regardless of abilities therefore you just need to be able to log into the Osteohustle website and access the courses. You’ll need a Facebook account if you’d like to join the Osteohustle Course Society – which we highly recommend!

Of course! All our courses are suitable for every osteopath around the world! Our course students range from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. We are a team of international osteopaths who trained in the UK and now live in the UK, Australia and New Zealand so you know you’re in good hands.

Basically, no. But that’s a good thing because we want you to burst with pride with what you create. We simply cannot recreate your imagination or ambition. If you are however looking for someone to build a brand for you, we’d recommend contacting a brand strategist.

This private Facebook group is exclusive for Osteohustle course takers. The aim of this group is to bring all course-takers together in a supportive network where they can ask anything about their journey. You’ll also find extra tutorials from the Osteohustle team.

You can get a full refund if you claim within 30 days of purchase. All course access shall be removed after a refund has been issued. Refunds cannot be issued after the 30 day period has expired. 

Not at all! We want to help people of all ages. We’ve had a whole range of people from students to mature osteopaths from 21 to 60. There’s definitely NOT a target age demographic, we just want you to be excited by the idea of creating your dream clinic!