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Turn a great clinic into an extraordinary business

Get osteopathy business coaching to overcome your biggest business and marketing barriers in 10-14 weeks by mixing short-term coaching and accountability with long-term strategies. Brainstorm, plan and take action every week with the Osteohustle team so you can break through to the next level of being a clinic owner. Experience investing in your future today.

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We’re not just for any osteopath; we’re for the trailblazers, the innovators and the osteopaths who refuse to settle for the ordinary. You imagine it, and together, we’ll build it. When you’re building something bigger than yourself, that’s when you can see your goal. You know some of the steps, but it feels impossible to reach. Together, we can make your vision a reality.

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All osteopaths get stuck. yet, great clinics are created

So, how do they do it?

You often hit brick walls. You’re stumped. Every problem you’ve solved before seems like pure luck, and every hurdle in front of you looks impossible. So what’s stopping you from making your vision a reality? 

#1 New patients aren't coming

Where do you even find patients? Why aren’t new patients finding you? Your website is live, you’re across social media, you’ve tried paid advertising, and you’re trying your best to get more patients through the door. You’re putting yourself out there, but for one reason or another, something isn’t working.

#2 Your goals feel out of reach

If I asked you to describe your dream clinic, you’d be able to paint me a detailed picture. You know your ideal work-life balance. You know the type of people you’d love to hire. But no matter how long you spend figuring out how to get there, you simply can’t solve the problem. How can you tell if the first step is even the right step? 

#3 You're juggling everything

All roads lead to you. No matter what the role, responsibility or problem, everything relies on you. Even if you distribute the work, the standard you set isn’t matched. Your diary is full, but your associates are stagnant. How do you remove weight from your shoulders without the clinic spinning out of control?

#4 You're not a business person

You’ve heard of KPIs, clinic systems and profit margins. And you’ve spent hours wondering how to use them. You have patients, and you’re still in business, so you must be doing something right. What’s missing? How do you become a clinic owner who also understands how to run a thriving business?

Trusted osteopathy business coaching

"Absolutely blown away"

Nominees for the Institute of Osteopathy’s Innovation In Practice award in 2021, Osteo & Physio is one of the most ingenious clinics in the UK. In just two months, Osteo & Physio now have:

✅ Custom marketing strategies that fit their different principal and associate personality types
✅ Easy methods to boost community word of mouth referrals
✅ Automated Google Review collection
✅ An even more impressive perfect patient experience
✅ Simple techniques to confidently connect with local businesses

Better (ethical) business, better clinic

Clinic owners who've figured it out. What's the difference between you and them?

Imagine having the clinic you’ve always wanted. Or consistently knowing where to get new patients from and not worrying about how your clinic runs while you’re away. Where your confidence may have been lacking before, it’s now sky-high. Perfect patients who listen to your advice and love your style of osteopathy don’t seem so out of reach. And a team who are excited to work with you to achieve your ultimate vision. All of this is possible with osteopathy business coaching, better business knowledge and a bullet-proof plan to tell you every step to take.

#1 Simplifying is key to succeed

Claw back time, money and your work-life balance by simplifying your clinic. We’ll explore two key themes: what we need versus what we want and what can we improve to perfect the patient experience. Together, we’ll cut expenses, discard luxuries and put systems in place to organise and give responsibility for you and your team.

#2 Pro-active communication

The skills and lessons you’ve learned to get to where you are today will be different from what you need to get to where you want to be. Focusing on building communication between you and your team will build incredible trust, cohesion and stop internal competition blocking the sharing of knowledge and professional growth.

#3 Think outside the box

Every clinic is unique. This isn’t about ‘telling you what to do’. It’s to enable you to take a step back and think differently to explore new ideas together without fear. Experience a safe space to speak freely about yourself and your team so you can approach challenges from a different angle, overcome obstructions and come out stronger.

#4 Build forward-thinking teams

If you’re looking to build a high-performing clinic, it’s not enough to get great osteopaths. Create a team who feel respected so they feel motivated to drive the clinic forward as a unit rather than just focusing on themselves. Produce a thriving clinic culture by hiring the right people and developing leaders in yourself and your team.

#5 Friendly accountability

Do you often let small things distract you from seeing the bigger picture? We all need to be kicked into gear sometimes, ensuring you do what you said you were going to do. We’re ideal accountability partners as we want you to succeed but aren’t involved in your life; we’re unbiased about your situation.

#6 Stop putting out fires

Clinic owners often set themselves up as the “go-to person” for fixing problems. If you spend your time extinguishing every fire, you can be doing your clinic more harm than good. Instead, we’ll show you how to redistribute responsibility throughout your team so you can focus on treating patients and developing your team.

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Thriving clinics, thriving planet

We plant one tree for every person we work with

Business Coaching with Osteohustle: The Process

Before we start, a free discovery call will determine whether your aspirations align with either a 10 or 14-week business coaching package.

Why the shorter timeframe compared to others with year-long business coaching programmes?

Easy – we’re committed to delivering 12 months’ worth of progress in a fraction of the time.

We take your year-long objectives and distill them into 10-14 targeted sessions, offering a clear roadmap to realise your goals as soon as possible.

Our put-everything-on-the-table process highlights where we’re starting and to get to know your practice as well as you do.

First, we’ll send you a Google Form so we can learn your ethics and entire thought process behind how you run your clinic now and how you want it to run in the future.

After, we’ll schedule a 1:1 video call where we’ll go deeper into your answers and outline an agreed plan moving forward.

You’re running a marathon. Slow and steady often wins the race. But there are times when slow and steady is outrun by a short burst of action and accountability.

Our osteopathy business coaching is designed, so you see results sooner rather than later. Because sometimes in business, you need to be pushed in the right direction. 

After the end of our time, you’ll be able to kick on with lifetime access to all the resources and recordings we gave you during the process.

Everything we create has our unique-as-your-fingerprint guarantee, so you know you’re getting a tailored business coaching experience that have a powerful effect long after we finish our time together.

Business Coaching For Osteopaths is for Those who

Want to level-up

Have you hit a brick wall and don’t know how to progress? Let’s work together to take your clinic to new heights. If you’re dedicated to making a change for the better, we’re here to help you get there.

To explore new ideas

No matter how hard you think or the amount of advice you get, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. We’ll consider all ideas and refine them until we’re left with the best option.

To build a great team

Creating a team you can trust is vital as you’ll need to have a birds-eye view over everything without getting tangled in small details. Let’s strengthen your current team and hire incredible talent.

Business Coaching For Osteopaths is not for Those who

Don't want to change

We’ll discuss many different ideas during this process. Some of the best changes we’ve helped others make can be drastic but needed. If you’re not open-minded to shaking things up, this isn’t for you.

Expect instant results

This is an intense commitment to making real change to where you want your clinic to go for the years to come. Improvements may happen fast, but the effects may take some time.

Are not transparent

By this, we mean that we can’t help you if you don’t give us what we need. If you’re uncomfortable sharing details about anything to do with your clinic, you’re not going to get the most from this process.

ASA & AHPRA-safe, guaranteed.

We understand how important it is to stay within the ASA and AHPRA guidelines. Everything we teach inside our osteopathy business coaching program is never considered a grey area. You have our unwavering guarantee that everything you learn from us is 100% ASA and AHPRA-friendly.

Business Coaching for osteopaths

It's time to get unstuck with osteopathy business coaching

what you'll receive:

Get things started by getting a birds-eye view on your business with our quiz then after, you’ll be invited to book a free discovery call.