Osteopathy group coaching

Making business coaching affordable for everyone

We believe that every osteopath should have access to high-quality business, marketing and career advice that is affordable, approachable and, above all, ethical. Learn in small groups with osteopaths looking to overcome the same obstacles as you. Led by Alan Zaia, join like-minded osteopaths who support each other so you can skip steep learning curves without breaking the bank.

ASA & AHPRA-safe, guaranteed.

We understand how important it is to stay within the ASA and AHPRA guidelines. Everything we teach inside our osteopathy group coaching sessions are never considered a grey area. You have our unwavering guarantee that everything you learn from us is 100% ASA and AHPRA-friendly.

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2023 upcoming events

Due to high demand of our other services, group coaching will be closed until further notice.

Event details

  • Location: Group ZOOM video call
  • Price: £30 (~$55AUD)
  • Duration: 2-hours
  • Style: 1-hr presentation with 1-hr open Q&A
  • Capacity: 30 seats
  • Extras: Event recording with downloadable workbook

Answering essential questions about real-life practice

More about the topics

Build your list as an associate

Being an associate is hard when things are slow. When neither you or your principal know what to do and money is tight, you need to know what works. 

We’ll walk through how you, your principal and other associates can work together to make everyone a winner. 

Grow your business without social media

Let’s face it, hundreds of osteopaths despise social media. The idea of ‘missing out’ if you’re not posting x times a week is nonsense.

There are dozens of ways to grow your patient list without social media. Get ready to throw social media in the bin for good as we prove to you how easy it can be. 

Manage your time and organise your life

Led by Emma, organiser of Osteohustle, get practical tools and advice on how to stop running in circles and start running on arrows.

Juggling work, life, health and family is difficult. This session will be packed with ways you can better manage your time and use it wisely, so you can pick what works for you and start feeling more in control.

Clinic culture to practice happy

Are you a clinic owners with multiple staff or associates? 73% of professionals leave jobs due to a mismatch of company culture. 

Join us on this group coaching session where you’ll learn how to get started with building a strong clinic culture, take care of everyone’s individual needs and create a work environment that your staff love and never want to leave.

It's time to get unstuck with osteopathy group coaching

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Due to high demand of our other services, group coaching will be closed until further notice.