The Problem

To make osteopathy accessible to black and ethnic minority groups living in London and then to bring osteopathy to Africa with a mission of opening in 12 countries. 


The Approach

Albert explained the importance behind his Ghanian roots and motivation to empower black and ethnic minority groups to find their health’s true north.  


The Solution

12NORTH is a first-of-its-kind brand on a mission that will revolutionise what’s achievable for osteopaths. 


Behind The Name

The name is a combination of symbolism and practicality.

While the number “12” aligns with the Albert’s ambition to establish twelve different locations, the word “North” is used metaphorically to represent a guiding light that provides direction and inspiration to those who are in search of it.

Just as the North Star has historically guided travellers, “North” here acts as a reminder of guidance and a source of motivation.

Behind The Logo

Wanting a strong connection to African culture, we decided on the Adinkra symbol “Dwennimmen”, also known as the “Ram’s Horns” symbol.

It’s an important symbol in West African culture, specifically the Akan people of Ghana & represents strength, humility & the ability to overcome challenges.

We then combined the ‘North Star’ symbol in the centre of the design, as a subtle hint that 12NORTH acts as a guide to finding one’s true health.

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