Back To Active


The Problem

After relocating the practice to Borton, Richard wanted to better understand how to attract sporty and active people and cement the clinic’s reputation as a trust-worthy, pragmatic and empowering approach to healthcare.


The Approach

To learn all about Richard’s values and the types of people he wants to connect with, refine their meaning and how they affect patients and how the practice behaves, giving the brand a strong, standout identity and clear, empowering message.


The Solution

Richard and the Back To Active team now have a distinctive sports-orientated brand and website that connects with sporty and active people the benefits of osteopathy and Back To Active’s other services.

Stay Active,
Live Better.

The Importance Of Values

As Richard already had most of the visual aspects of the brand, the branding experience for him was about being able to add depth to the brand, website and overall marketing messaging. 

After listening to Richard talk about how he likes to practice and what he would expect from anyone else working at Back To Active, the values of Assuring, Finding Your Own Way and Knowledgeable were decided. 

Knowing these values now makes it clear and simple as to how the Back To Active brand should aim to communicate so they can build incredible rapport with their current patients, attract their ideal patients. 

Hiring The Right People

As an ever-growing multi-disciplinary practice, it was important for Richard to bring on the right practitioners who understand the practice’s values and what it means for patients. 

Now that Richard has these values and what they look like in action, he can hire the best culture fit and even work on refining their practitioner skills later.

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