Clapham Osteopathic Practice & Westwood Health


The Problem

Elizabeth explained how she wanted a structured way to partially step back from practice so she could focus on creating a supportive and positive clinic culture for her associates, while also implementing ways to improve room utilisation rates. 


The Approach

After learning as much about both practices, all practitioners, current marketing methods, existing culture dynamics, practitioner performance stats and other essentials, we planned custom strategies to achieve both clinic’s goals.


The Solution

After 10 weekly sessions explaining how to implement tried and tested marketing methods, integrate practice values and ethical patient communication skills, Elizabeth reduced her hours and saw exceptional results in all practitioners.   

The Process & Impact

Osteopaths and business coaches Alan Zaia and Andrew Terry worked with Elizabeth and her team over 10 weeks to make sure that everyone understood the goals, direction and ambitions of the practice. 

Doing so allows the team to be on the same page, while giving each practitioner the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth about what they each wanted from working at the practice. This allowed Elizabeth to define the traits she’d look for in future practitioners and therefore maintain a positive supportive clinic culture. 

As Elizabeth met with every practitioner to learn their career ambitions, she also took the time to explain how they could strength the therapeutic alliance with their patients, design patient-centric treatment plans and become more confident in parts of practice they felt uncertain about. 

All while, we worked with Elizabeth to:

  • Set up printed media to boost clinic awareness and improve word of mouth
  • Utilise CliniqApps to improve retention through ethical automation
  • Cover her finances to set up milestones so she knows how to step back from work confidently
  • Establish a simple clinic structure so that the practice can run smoothly in her absence 
  • Reconnect with old business to business relationships to improve patient referrals
  • Identify other businesses to develop a mutually beneficial relationship and improve patient referrals
  • Optimise Cliniko to track clinic, practitioner performance and retention 
  • Increase two new practitioners utilisation rate from 10% to 60% in 6 months

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