Clapham Osteopathic Practice & Westwood Health


The Problem

Merging two separate clinic locations and websites into a cohesive brand while maintaining their individual reputations within their respective communities.


The Approach

Elizabeth expressed it’s essential for the brand and website to convey calmness, friendliness and approachability, while also communicating the legacy of the well-established clinics.


The Solution

By carefully crafting a cohesive brand identity and designing a website that caters to the needs of families and professional women, we were able to successfully unite Clapham Osteopathic Practice and Westwood Health under a single, compelling brand.

family health at your doorstep.

The Process

Elizabeth expressed how she wanted a calming, elegant, modern and approachable look and feel. She told us how she wants every patient to feel the sense of community, calmness and connection between the two practices.

As the owner of two of South London’s most established and trusted clinics, she’d love to communicate that legacy to her patients through design.

With this information, we created her brand elements.

For example, using current logos as inspiration, we took the tree concept and applied a modern, elegant and minimal design style to create this geometric shape that is organic yet clean.

Behind The Logo & Website

The new logo represents the coming together of family and the practices to form a geometric leaf shape that forms a heart at the centre. This conveys a feeling that the patients’ health is at the centre of everything.

Given that the branding process highlighted the need to echo the calming, reassuring and paediatric-focus experience patients can expect, we created a website with a minimalistic design, professional photographs and copy that connects with parents.

The Impact

By bringing Elizabeth’s two brands together with a clear paired identity, marketing strategy and guidance on how to grow awareness around her other services and associates’ patient lists, she’s is now flourishing and thriving.

With a deep understanding about how to connect with the types of patients she wants to attract at the practice, Elizabeth and her team are going from strength to strength.

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