Freedom Health


The Problem

Jools wanted to take her in-person and online services and make them crystal clear for anyone to understand. Wanting to work with women, mothers and expectant mothers, she described a practice that invites them to take control of their health.


The Approach

To create a cohesive brand identity and website with a clear message that connects with her love for helping women who want to make a real commitment to change their health for the better, or in Jools’ words: to Find Health Freedom. 


The Solution

The new Freedom Health brand and website has given Jools the ability to connect with the women she wants to treat. She also has the platform ready to advertise the online side of her business so she can expand her income streams.

Find Your
Health Freedom.

Behind The Logo

Jools’ expressed how she wanted the logo to represent freedom, ensuring it aligned with her values of wanting to be a modern practice that promotes being in nature as much as possible. 

After an extended conversation about what freedom means for Jools and the ways she practises, we designed a minimal geometric bird.

You’ll notice that the design of the bird is one continuous line, which gives a great sense of flow, elegance and balance.


The Importance Of Values

When learning about Jools’ values, we learned that she values four things above all else. 

  1. Always behaving and speaking calmly, even during stressful times. This is especially important when treating babies, children and pregnant women.
  2. Being as approachable as possible by being inviting, welcoming and easy going.
  3. Identifying as an established practice. An example of this is using design elements that are classic and timeless, rather than trendy or fleeting. 
  4. Going above and beyond for all patients to maintain a trustworthy reputation. 

These four values acted as the compass for the brand and web design, copywriting and clinic marketing.

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