Nu Roots Health


The Problem

Introducing a modern brand and services to a tiny traditional Canadian town without alienating locals while increasing awareness as a first-time clinic owner.


The Approach

Cassie explained the town culture and her values. Working closely together, we crafted a brand and website seamlessly resonated with the community’s values.


The Solution

Nu Roots Health is the perfect blend of modern and welcoming familiarity. Paired with a WordPress website to bring immediate awareness to the practice.

Family Practice, small town values.

Cassie highlighted that the practice must celebrate what it means to be a small town in Canada, traditional family values and the principle of looking after one another. This became the foundation for the brand identity of Nu Roots Health.

Behind The Name

“Nu” which in old English means “at the present time / at this moment”, implying a focus on the present moment and the idea of starting fresh or creating new beginnings.

“Roots” suggests a focus on addressing the underlying causes of health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Furthermore, the use of the word “Roots” also suggests a connection to nature and the idea of nurturing health from the ground up.

Then, Nu Roots Health was born.

Behind The Logo

The logo concept and heart of Nu Roots Health is inspired by the most iconic Canadian symbol: the maple leaf.

The symmetry brings balance and a modern feel to the design while being something that every local will immediately feel familiar and comfortable with.

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