The Dog Osteo


The Problem

To confidently leave her associate clinic, Rachel needed to maximise client referrals from several local animal-centric businesses and build a two-week waiting list for her dog and human clients. 


The Approach

To build awareness, trust and expertise in the eyes of professional dog shows, vet clinics, dog groomers and local dog owners, all while using marketing that explains what a dog osteopath does.


The Solution

Rachel is now a staple at local dog shows, treating upwards of 20 dogs per show. After successfully leaving her associateship, she’s now close to consistently treating 50 clients per week with a two week waiting list.

The Process & Impact

Osteopaths and business coaches Alan Zaia and Andrew Terry worked with Rachel over 10 weeks as we reverse-engineered her goals for the next 12 months.

It was clear from the beginning that if Rachel were to leave her associateship and build a successful practice, it was paramount to learn as much as possible about the show dog community in NSW.

Doing this allowed us, as business coaches, to create tailored marketing strategies centred around Rachel’s ability to concentrate on treating dogs and communicate what she’s doing to the owner. Having marketing in the foreground and background helped drive awareness and referrals.

All while, we worked with Rachel to: 

  • Identify other animal-based businesses to develop a mutually beneficial relationship and improve referrals
  • Create a repeatable system to get maximise awareness and referral opportunities when attending a dog show
  • Set up printed media and signage to boost clinic awareness and improve word of mouth
  • Redesign her clinic space thus allowing Rachel to treat both dogs and people
  • Attract patients from Google Search and Google Maps
  • Increase clinic awareness through digital, in-clinic and community marketing and networking
  • Increase profit margins
  • Improve the experience for dogs and people clients to boost word of mouth, sharing on social media and client referrals
  • Educate the local community about what a dog osteopath is and how they can help their dogs
  • Set up tracking for Rachel to keep tabs on what marketing was working so she could reinvest appropriately

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