The Dog Osteo


The Problem

Being unsure the most effective way to attract her ideal clients, Rachel created multiple brands and websites which diluted her message and confused potential clients as to the best way to work with her.   


The Approach

To learn the most important parts of each brand and website and unify them as one single brand so Rachel can operate under one banner, The Dog Osteo, giving her a strong and effective identity and message.


The Solution

Rachel successfully left her associateship, and now runs The Dog Osteo full time, with hopes of developing the brand and website into a course-based teaching platform for canine osteopathy.

Helping you and your best friend live a happier, healthier life.

Behind The Name

The Dog Osteo came around as Rachel’s ambition to be the dog osteopath, not just for her local dog owners, but for the entirety of Australia as she hopes to expand into teaching other allied healthcare professionals qualify as canine osteopaths.

Straight forward, simple and to the point.

Behind The Logo

The Dog Osteo logo contains a heart-felt surprise.

Patrick is Rachel’s Miniature Schnauzer. 

Rachel explained that Patrick represents what The Dog Osteo is all about- a love and respect for all dogs big and small. 

The logo also shows Patrick jumping through a hoop which is also the ‘O’ in osteo. This means the logo can be stand alone as a mark and still be unique and recognisable as belonging to The Dog Osteo brand.

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