The Olive Clinic


The Problem

After being an associate for years and qualified in women’s health and paediatric osteopathy, Hannah wanted her first practice to centre around a luxurious, family-focused brand and website. 


The Approach

Hannah described her vision of a practice that’s equal parts warm, welcoming and luxurious. A place where parents feel truly listened to and looked after, and children feel safe, comfortable and fun.


The Solution

The Olive Clinic is a timeless brand that’s minimalist, calm and appropriately playful. Paired with a WordPress website that gives parents that gut feeling of: “I can trust them with my child”. 

we believe in the power of a warm smile and a friendly approach.

Behind The Name

Sometimes your brand name doesn’t have to be that deep. Hannah’s cat, Olive, is of course a significant part of her life. 

Upon discussion, we came to the conclusion that The Olive Clinic ticked the three main boxes for Hannah: timeless, minimalist and sophisticated.  

Showing Your Playful Side

We wouldn’t blame you if you raised your eyebrow at this one. Let us explain. 

The Olive Clinic is a playful brand in the sense having fun and being a bit silly in the treatment room to help babies and children feel relaxed and safe. 

Beyond words and personality, The Olive Clinic’s playful nature comes through their photography, font choice and the use of colours like Baby Blue, Dusty Rose and Olive Green.

As you can see, The Olive Clinic does a wonderful job balancing playful and fun with professional and contemporary.

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