Vantage Osteopathy


The Problem

After making the leap to take over an established practice, Dan wanted a new identity and website. One that’s modern and empowering yet feels familiar and inviting to the previous clinics’ regulars.


The Approach

Dan explained that due to his own active outdoor lifestyle, he wanted to draw strong comparisons between overcoming pain and conquering a mountain to attract his ideal patients.


The Solution

Vantage Osteopathy is a brand that stands out from everyone around them with striking imagery, empowering words and a clear set of values that say: if you want to get back outdoors, choose Vantage.

Elevate. Empower. Enhance.

Behind The Name

Dan went into the branding process with a clear vision of using ‘vantage’ as his brand name. 

He explained that ‘vantage’ sums up his commitment to giving patients a clear perspective and a comprehensive view of their health, mirroring Dan’s want to educate people that osteopathy can help with more than just pain. 

Vantage Osteopathy conveys a proactive, results-driven and forward-thinking approach to health. Exactly what his ideal patients are looking for.

Behind The Logo

The Vantage Osteopathy symbol represents the V of Vantage, by increasing the length of the right arm of the V, it symbolises elevation- their core ethos of ‘elevating health’.

The logo is clean-cut and modern by stylising the V as a minimalistic shape made up of sharp corners and straight lines.

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