Representing diversity in your osteopathy marketing photos

Popular stock photography websites are a fantastic place for you to brighten up your osteopathy website. 

However, many lack on the diversity side of stock photography. You should be representing different communities on your social media, website and other digital platforms. 

So, here you go, four fantastic places you can get diverse stock photos. 

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Stock photo websites osteopaths can use to show diversity in their marketing

As Osteopaths we welcome everyone into our clinics. We aim to treat every person with professionalism, respect and dignity. This is something that’s at the core of being an osteopath.

However, unfortunately, sometimes our marketing doesn’t reflect our inclusive and caring nature. Osteopaths need to be making a conscious effect to make sure the images we use across our websites, social media and leaflets etc should reflect our forward-facing values.

Since starting Osteohustle, it quickly became apparent that stock photos featuring people of different ethnicities were hard to find. So, here are 4 stock photo websites that provide a huge range different nationalities, skin tones and ethnic backgrounds across ages and genders for osteopaths to use for their digital and physical advertising.

  1. TONL
  2. Nappy
  3. CreateHER Stock
  4. Unsplash

Osteopathy and Black History Month

February is Black History Month and Osteohustle stands in solidarity side-by-side with people of colour. We are conscious of accurate representation in our marketing and our business as a whole. 

It’s exciting to see so many osteopaths celebrating Black History Month this year. It shows that more osteopaths are embracing diversity, inclusion and belonging, not only internally, but marketing too.

Black History Month is a fantastic time for osteopaths to come together as a profession and demonstrate where we stand as a profession. 

Osteopaths can help promote a change towards inclusion and solidarity by including photos provided in these stock image websites in their messages during Black History Month and beyond. 

It is important that osteopaths are being completely diverse and inclusive with the imagery we are using in our business and marketing.

Don't limit your representation and acknowledgement to once a year.

When osteopaths choose to be present, involved and truly supportive of issues that impact the community all year long, it prevents the assumption of just turning up for the purpose of popularity gain, rather than the actual support for the community. 
In short, osteopaths can make the active choice to include people of all backgrounds in their imagery. 
Representation doesn’t just affect people of African/Caribbean ethnic backgrounds/heritage, but many other races of people, body types, abilities, ages and genders. By consciously including a wider scope of people in your marketing, osteopaths show that we extend our arms out to not just people within our cultural, age, ability or sexuality bracket, but to all people who need an amazing osteopath like you. Yes, you reading this. 

Osteopaths need to be aware of what image resources are available and the tremendous positive impact they can have in social circles.


By making this small, but powerful effort in their marketing, osteopaths shine a spotlight on the community that doesn’t have one on them and their issues nearly enough.

Osteohustle was created to provide Osteopaths the tools they need to learn how to be great marketers. We want to show the Osteopathic community that marketing can be easy, ethical, and effective.

Osteopathy is in desperate need of a shakeup, and that starts with you. We’re here to empower you to take control of your brand, clinic, and marketing. We need to come together as Osteopaths and communicate how incredible Osteopathy can be.

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