Tapping Into Unlikely Wisdom: The 48 Laws of Power for Osteopaths

Lessons on how to grow your osteopathy practice can come from the most unlikely of places including The 48 Laws of Power for osteopaths.

Practice building lessons for osteopaths

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene may initially seem unrelated to what we do as osteopaths, but a closer look reveals hidden gems that can empower us to create deeper connections with our patients, differentiate ourselves from competitors and ultimately grow our local reputation and clinic.

We will uncover some laws that, when understood and applied ethically, have the potential to revolutionise the way we approach how we work as osteopaths and business owners. These laws not only offer insights into power dynamics but also provide strategies for building trust, establishing credibility and cultivating a unique brand as osteopaths.

So, let us dive into some laws and their lessons within The 48 Laws of Power.

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Law 34 – Be royal in your own fashion

In osteopathy, branding plays an unbelievably important role in establishing a distinctive identity and standing out from the competition. Law 34 reminds us to define our own unique style and persona as osteopaths, enabling us to create a lasting impression and attract patients who resonate with our approach through word-of-mouth referrals.

Developing a strong brand helps us differentiate ourselves in a crowded market. It allows us to highlight our expertise, values and treatment philosophies, giving potential patients a clear understanding of what sets us apart.

By crafting a distinct identity, we become memorable, making it easier for patients to identify and choose us when looking for an osteopath who ‘gets them’.

Branding also simplifies marketing efforts. When our brand is clearly defined, marketing messages become more focused and targeted. We can effectively communicate our unique selling points, such as areas of expertise. By aligning our marketing efforts with our brand identity, we create a cohesive and compelling message that resonates with who we want to attract into our practices.

Being royal in our own fashion means embracing authenticity and embracing what makes us unique. It’s about finding our own voice, style, and approach to osteopathy. By showcasing our individuality, we attract patients who are seeking a practitioner with a specific perspective or treatment style. This helps us build a loyal patient base that appreciates our distinctiveness and values the tailored care we provide.

Being different can be a powerful asset in a competitive market. By daring to be unique, we stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential patients. When patients have a choice between numerous osteopaths, a distinctive brand can be the deciding factor that leads them to choose us over our competitors.

So, is it time to rethink your brand? If so, come and build your osteopathy brand with us.

Law 6 – Court attention at all costs

In a competitive profession, it’s essential for osteopaths to distinguish themselves and get the attention of potential patients. Law 6 encourages us to embrace visibility and actively seek ways to stand out from the crowd.

To court attention, we can utilise various strategies that highlight our expertise and demonstrate our value to patients. Here are some strategies to think about:

  • Writing articles or blog posts
  • Publishing research
  • Committing to social media
  • Collaborating with other professionals and organisations
  • Host a local event or contribute a presentation
  • Collecting reviews on Google Business Profile
  • Invest in signage, leaflet drops, team sponsorships and other forms of visibility-based marketing

So, think about how you can stand out from the crowd and get more eyeballs on your practice.

Law 33 – Play to people’s fantasies

Understanding and catering to the desires and dreams of our patients is a powerful tool in providing exceptional care and building strong patient relationships. Law 33 encourages us think about every way we can make a positive patient experience in every corner of your practice.

To play to people’s fantasies, we need to take the time to truly understand our patients on a deeper level. This involves actively listening and engaging in conversations that go beyond their physical symptoms. By asking open-ended questions and showing genuine interest, we can uncover their goals, aspirations, and what they envision for their health and well-being.

Once we have a grasp of our patients’ fantasies and desires, we can tailor our treatment plans and approaches accordingly. This tailored approach not only enhances patient satisfaction but also nurtures a sense of collaboration. Patients who feel heard and understood are more likely to be actively engaged in their treatment, leading to improved treatment outcomes.

Additionally, we can empower patients by educating them about their condition, treatment progress, and self-care strategies. This helps them feel more involved and in control of their health journey, fulfilling their fantasies of being proactive participants in their well-being.

While playing to people’s fantasies is essential, it’s important to strike a balance between meeting patient expectations and adhering to ethical and evidence-based practices. We should always ensure that our treatments and recommendations are grounded in sound clinical judgment and supported by research and professional guidelines.


In conclusion, by applying these laws ethically, we can court attention, develop deeper patient connections and grow our patient lists and clinics as osteopaths. Put simply, we have the power to thrive and make a lasting impact in our careers.

Written by Alan Zaia M.Ost

Founder & CEO of Osteohustle. You’ll find Alan coaching osteopaths, travelling in a van or writing our weekly newsletter, The Hustle.

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