Uniforms For Osteopaths

Osteopathy uniforms, designed by osteopaths

Take the guesswork out of shopping for your next osteopathy uniform. Forget impractical tunics and not fit-for-purpose polos. The Osteohustle Network’s uniforms for osteopaths were designed by an osteopath who wanted to engineer a solution for every day concerns facing osteopaths. These polo’s put professionalism and functionality first.

Uniforms for osteopaths, why choose Osteohustle?

#1 Polos created by osteopaths

We do all sorts with our arms and body position that traditional polo shirts and tunics don’t think about during their design process. That’s why we believe that you’ll love your new polo because it was created by an osteopath, for osteopaths. 

#2 Bulk orders

Whether you’re bulk-ordering your yourself or kitting out your entire team, get your new favourite uniform all in one easy order. Now you can reduce waste, minimise travel miles and buy exactly the amount you need in one go!

#3 Custom embroidery

Organise your clinics uniform in just a few clicks. We can embroider your logo and practitioner names onto our osteopathy-specific polos. Get your existing logo done, or if you’re in need of a new one, get Osteohustle to create one for you.

#4 Free shipping Australia wide

Not only are these polos becoming the Australian osteopath’s new favourite uniform- they’re being delivered to your door step for free.

Osteohustle Network Member

Meet the creator, Will Morrison M.Ost

An osteopath with a creative solution

Will is an Aussie osteopath who found battling the Australian summer while still trying to present professionally a challenge. He started to search for a practical and functional solution but couldn’t find one.

This spurred Will to design a solution himself. After many years of research, testing, and refinement, he ultimately designed and created a polo that’s truly designed for healthcare professionals all day wear.

Passionate and practical, The Mobilisation Polo is the perfect solution for the unique concerns we face as healthcare providers. 

Spotlight review


Matt Corbin M.Ost
Owner of Six Core Outcomes

Seriously impressive stuff. Super comfortable, breathes well, looks great & not restrictive in the slightest. Only disappointed I didn’t order more (which I will now).

Uniforms for osteopaths

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Mens Mobilisation Polo


Mens Mobilisation Polo


Womens Mobilisation Polo


Womens Mobilisation Polo