The YouTube Course For Osteopaths

Everything an osteopath needs to get patients from YouTube

Get new local patients and enhance your current patient experience by learning authentic strategies to get your name and knowledge out there. The YouTube Course For Osteopaths simplifies everything you need to know about YouTube down into practical step-by-step video tutorials, downloadable resources and strategies.

A no-nonsense, practical course on
YouTube marketing for osteopaths


8 problems osteopaths have on YouTube:

We don't know what to post

We're not memorable enough

We don't have a suitable, practical plan

We're not focusing on who to attract

We're using social media to sell, not show what we can do

We don't have an easy way to see what's working

We're fighting an uphill battle against paid content

Our energy isn't aimed at succeeding on one platform

1 solution for all osteopaths to
get patients from YouTube, guaranteed


YouTube marketing strategies for osteopaths

Seriously powerful methods made seriously easy

Create a YouTube channel that gets you a passive income, more patients, phone calls, website visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Discover an extraordinary collection of practical step-by-step videos and downloadable resources you can instantly action to get patients from YouTube. Unlock over 27 next-level approaches designed specifically for osteopaths, all without relying on the forever-changing infuriating algorithm.

Two goals that lead to getting patients

YouTube strategies with unlimited potential

Cut through the confusing features and randomly rotating algorithms with two goals that give you a clear vision that attracts new patients from YouTube.

1: Give value that builds a platform where people know, like, and trust you inside an engaged community.

2. Get them off Instagram and onto the phone, your website, your emailing list or treatment table.


What's inside the YouTube Course for Osteopaths?

27 video tutorials • 10 downloadable resources • 6h+ of video content • Step-by-step strategies

2 videos • 38 minutes of video • 1 downloadable resource

▸ The Universal Social Media Philosophy 
▸ Pros and cons of YouTube

9 videos • 99 minutes of video • 5 downloadable resources

▸ What to post on social media
▸ Content creation overview
▸ How to create amazing image-based content
▸ How to take amazing photos
▸ How to make amazing videos
▸ The anatomy of a great YouTube post
▸ The ultimate hashtag strategy for all social media platforms
▸ Working in multiple locations
▸ When to post on YouTube

1 video • 12 minutes of video • 4 downloadable resource

▸ Explaining and understanding The Ultimate Social Media Companion for Osteopaths

4 videos • 88 minutes of video • 5 downloadable resources

▸ Using your exercise-based videos to improve the patient experience
▸ Using your practice to promote your YouTube channel
▸ Optimising your YouTube videos to rank highly on Google and YouTube
▸ The YouTube SEO blogging booster

8 videos • 90+ minutes of video

▸ Getting started with Canva
▸ Terrific templates
▸ Text & typography
▸ Pictures, frames & filters
▸ Excellent elements
▸ Osteopathic tools
▸ Videos & exporting

Plan and track everything

All-in-one digital calendar, planner and tracker

Custom-made for osteopaths, this free Notion Template is designed to effortlessly organise your YouTube by removing questions like what do I post? What time should I post? How do I know if what I’m doing is working? Organise and action your entire YouTube plan and feel in control with just a few clicks.


Google-based YouTube content formula

The smart way to know which videos to make next

We’ve taken a Google-based approach that allows you to understand which videos you should make to rank on Google and YouTube. This formula takes the most common conditions you treat and combines it with what Google and YouTube will reward you for creating. Work smarter, not harder.

Wait, we're just getting started...

Imagine 3 formulas to create infinite content...

The Holmes Method

The Problem/Solution Method

The Blogging Method


100 days of YouTube posts

Engaging posts created by osteopaths

Get osteopathy posts that will make your YouTube channel exciting, engaging, yet professional. Our content is expertly formulated for growth and promotes digital word-of-mouth through high engagement, comments and sharing.

Unlock 100 Canva Templates that fit YouTube Community posts perfectly. Then, give them to your channel manager or associate so you can spend more time doing what matters to you.

Unlock the hashtags database

Reach new people with over 1800 hashtags

Use hashtags to get more views on your videos without spending any money. Save time researching hashtags with our database of over 1800 hashtags that compliment all your videos. Organise them as you wish to copy and paste them into scheduled videos quickly.


Share your insider knowledge

Get this 20-page professionally-made Ebook

Now more than ever, people care about their health, and you’re in a prime position to share your knowledge, insight and expertise with those who’d think it’s priceless.

Use this time-saving 20-page Ebook template to share your knowledge with people curious about osteopathy. It may be exactly what they need to book in with you. 

Even more ideas for content

Grab the content ideas database

Instantly access over 100 YouTube video titles and ideas written to make people want to watch your videos without looking like clickbait. Creating content is the hardest thing to do consistently. That’s why we’ve pushed the boat out to make it as easy as possible.


Join the Course Society

Learn alongside course graduates

Be a part of a like-minded community of osteopaths while you’re on your YouTube journey. Ask questions, help others, grow your knowledge and feel supported in a friendly Facebook Group that wants everyone to reach their version of success on YouTube and beyond.

Here's everything
you're going to get!


This YouTube Course is for osteopaths who want

A fresh approach

This is a new, advanced approach to YouTube, not cracking necks or unprofessional videos. If you want an authentic way to share how you help people and get patients without ever feeling like a salesperson, this is for you.

Actionable resources

You can’t afford to waste time posting aimlessly. Feel like you’ve got it all under control with a collection of 10 resources that will give you everything you need to start planning, posting, tracking and thriving on YouTube.

The stuff that works

Osteopaths don’t need to know everything about YouTube to get patients from it. That’s why we’ve designed this course to cut out the fluff leaving you with everything you actually need to know so you can get on with creating videos.

This YouTube Course is not for osteopaths who want

Overnight results

Here’s the honest truth. YouTube can reap immediate results, and we’ve given you everything you need to save time with our incredible videos, resources and bonuses. But best results happen with time, effort and consistency.

YouTube ads help

This doesn’t cover YouTube Ads. We believe Google Ads is the best form of paid digital advertising. Instead, this Course is about organic growth and using free features to build your YouTube presence.

Success on FB & IG

Are you looking for patient-attracting strategies that work across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube? Then you’ll love The Social Media Academy For Osteopaths, where you’ll unlock an entirely different social media experience.

Save hours trying to come up with how to get patients from YouTube and copy what's already working

Try the YouTube Course 100% risk free

Here at Osteohustle, we stand by our courses 100%. If you don’t love The Instagram Course For Osteopaths, tell us within 30 days, and we’ll refund you all of your money, no matter what.

Sound fair enough?

ASA & AHPRA-safe, guaranteed.

We understand how important it is to stay within the ASA and AHPRA guidelines. Everything Osteohustle teaches is never considered a grey area. You have our unwavering guarantee that our Instagram marketing for osteopaths course is 100% ASA and AHPRA-friendly.

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Interested in other social media platforms?


Social Media Academy For Osteopaths

We asked hundreds of osteopaths which social media platforms they want to get patients from. So, we’ve bundled all our social media courses into one Academy, The Social Media Academy For Osteopaths. Learn more about grouping our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube courses.


Facebook Course
For Osteopaths

Facebook is the biggest social media platform osteopaths can choose to invest their time in. Made to create communities, Facebook is the best option for osteopaths who enjoy bringing many people together in one place to share their knowledge, experiences and story authentically.


Instagram Course
For Osteopaths

Instagram is made to connect people who share common values and interests. It’s the best option for osteopaths who love creating professional relationships with individual people and businesses. Instagram is perfect for osteopaths who love sharing through images.


Your instructor: Alan Zaia M.Ost

Alan Zaia is the Founder of Osteohustle and has been helping osteopaths worldwide build their clinic from the ground up. After opening his own clinic after he graduated, Alan contacted over 300 clinic owners to discover the best business building and marketing methods from those who have done it already. Everything Alan knows about YouTube marketing for osteopaths, including starting a YouTube channel from scratch, is outlined in this Course, so you know you’re getting everything he has to offer. 


This YouTube Course includes 27 video tutorials and 10 downloadable resources. The 3 main courses and 3 main resources include: 

  • The Social Media Philosophy
  • The YouTube Course For Osteopaths
  • The Canva Masterclass For Osteopaths
  • The Ultimate Social Media Companion For Osteopaths Notion Template
  • The Video Priority Finder Notion Template
  • The Canva templates (100 social media posts, YouTube end screen, 1 poster, and a 20-page Ebook). 

More information about each of these benefits can be found on this page. 

This course is about YouTube marketing for osteopaths. We’ve created The Social Media Academy For Osteopaths so osteopaths can learn everything about Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all in one place.

Yes, we guarantee it. 

Of course! All our courses are suitable for every osteopath around the world! Our course students range from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. We are a team of international osteopaths who trained in the UK and now live in the UK, Australia and New Zealand so you know you’re in good hands.

Notion is the best digital organising system we’ve come across. Yes, our Notion templates can be used on a free Notion account. 

This private Facebook group is exclusive for Osteohustle course takers. The aim of this group is to bring all course-takers together in a supportive network where they can ask anything about their journey. You’ll also find extra tutorials from the Osteohustle team.

You can get a full refund if you claim within 30 days of purchase. All course access shall be removed after a refund has been issued. Refunds cannot be issued after the 30 day period has expired. 

Canva is the best drag-and-drop graphic design tool on the market. It has a free version which is suitable for most people, but we highly recommend the premium version. We’ve used free elements for our social media templates, however, some of our other templates may include premium elements, but can be swapped for free elements. 

Basically, no. But that’s a good thing because we want you to burst with pride with what you create. We simply cannot recreate your imagination or ambition. If you are however looking for someone to build a brand for you, we’d recommend contacting a brand strategist and Google Ads agency. Osteohustle do build websites, contact us if that’s something you’d be interested in.

We aim to help everyone regardless of abilities therefore you just need to be able to log into the Osteohustle website and access the courses. You’ll need a Facebook account if you’d like to join the Osteohustle Course Society – which we highly recommend!

Not at all! We want to help people of all ages. We’ve had a whole range of people from students to mature osteopaths from 21 to 60. There’s definitely NOT a target age demographic, we just want you to be excited by the idea of creating your dream clinic!